Saif's candid remarks on Kareena, Pataudi

Saifs candid remarks on Kareena, Pataudi

There’s comfort in such films. I have worked in chick flicks earlier, but this is a different film and Raj and D.K. have written a unique script. This is a boy’s film.

Saif Ali Khan talks to lipika Varma about his films, biopic on dad, Kareena, mom and more-

Happy Ending
There’s comfort in such films. I have worked in chick flicks earlier, but this is a different film and Raj and D.K. have written a unique script. This is a boy’s film.
It has a good Sense of humor. Hero is a writer and has ex girl friends who create complications in his life is what the story is all about. There’s an alter ego character which is actually a double role.
This role has been modeled on music director Pritam. There’s vulnerability in the character and girls will love this. The character is subtle and it’s more of international acting.
Working with Govinda
He’s very talented and has world class comic timing. I enjoyed doing the film and he’s a very nice human being. He’s also very subtle in his acting and is a great dancer. I enjoyed dancing with him.
On doing different films
No one sees such films in Hollywood. They don’t watch Hindi films in Hollywood. I feel I should try to do something different. I always try to do something different that’s why I did Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Bullet Raja.
I did Raj and D.K’s Go Goa Gone because I felt that genre had never been attempted in Bollywood earlier. I didn’t even get paid for the role. The humour was good.
The directors have good knowledge about comedy.
On mom Sharmila Tagore
Like every good mother she will be upset when I use expletives in the film. But she loved this film. This is a more of a universal film.

On direction
I am not prepared for direction at the moment, I am not mentally prepared for it. Directors don’t get money, it’s a hard job. Maybe I’ll take it up when I stop acting. One has to invest time in direction, there’s a lot of pre-production work right from scripting. It takes years. It’s an interesting job though.

On life and working with Kareena
I am feeling good I am enjoying life. I am doing different kinds of films and I am enjoying it. I don’t want to work with her now. We are both involved in different things.
I think it will be very rare situation when a man wants to be with his wife all the time.
I like to go home from work and be with my wife but I don’t think I would like to be with her all the time.

Working with Kabir Khan
I want to do some nice films, it’s a good time for the industry and a lot of different films are being made. I am happy that Kabir Khan offered me the film.
He could have worked with anyone but he chose me. My role is good too. Beirut is a beautiful place. There are buildings and statues with bullet holes. It’s a beautiful place.
A bomb blast took place after we went. The climate is so good that you would love to sit outside and chat. They called it the Paris of the east. Even wealth.
It’s a revenge story of redemption. It’s the story of 26/11 and the terrorists are staying spread out in different places. It’s an Action film about an agent who is Phantom.
On books What kind of books do you read now, have your choice changed over the years?
I used to read Alistaire Mclaine earlier, now I read Moby Dick, I read books that I couldn’t or was not allowed to read as a kid.

On not making biopic of Nawab Pataudi-
No, I have scrapped the idea. I don’t think I can make one. There will be drama in every line. He would narrate such lovely stories to us. It can’t be made into a Biopic as we will face difficulties every time. We can’t put songs in the film.
He will wake up from his grave and beat me with his bat. We can’t film him. There’s no one of his stature who can play his role. He was such a grand Nawab. The Nawabs you may have seen are all pan eating men.
But my dad was very regal, the way he walked or spoke there’s no one who can play his role. Where will I find a Gavaskar or a Gary Sobers to play their respective parts? Cricket is a different game altogether. How will you play a square cut? This is not a bollywood story it’s an international story.

No enough footage of Nawab
There’s not enough footage. My father missed three to four years it’s not documented in pictures. He was a handsome man. Maybe when all the contemporaries are gone away we can make a film because there will be no one to compare him to.
We are now planning a cricket museum at Pataudi house. We will put up his pictures and his collection of awards and everything.
I am not excited about working on dark roles. I would like to do comedies or maybe a thriller. I would like to do a fun role. I want to do something that suits me not just any role because others are doing it.
On future films Mohit suri’s film, I don’t know but I think it’s not happening. I am doing Reema Kagti film for Excel Entertainment. Sujoy Ghosh film with Balaji and Raj and D.K.’s film which will be my own production.
II am not doing Dinesh’s film because the same idea is being made with someone else. I am also not doing that film with Parineeti.
About love Jihad
I can’t comment on it. We are actors and are financially independent. We don’t think individually we think about our society. Religion does not play an important role. I don’t give importance to religion. I am more spiritual.
I think all Gods are one. I personally think there should be no divide because of religion. There should be one law there should be uniform civil code for all Indians.
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