Ye Mantram Vesave Review & Rating

Ye Mantram Vesave Review & Rating

Ye Mantram Vesave Movie Review and Rating: Sensational star Vijay Devarakonda has been working hard to make some interesting movies at the box office. Next to the surprise of everyone, the actor\'s 2014 movie Ye Mantram Vesave had hit the theatres today. 

Sensational star Vijay Devarakonda has been working hard to make some interesting movies at the box office. To everyone's surprise, the actor's 2014 movie Ye Mantram Vesave has hit the theaters on Friday.

The film marks the debut of a young heroine Shivani Singh. A new director Shashidar Marri has made his debut. Let's see whether the movie is interesting...


Raga Malika (Shivani Singh) is a video game designer and she always wants to do something different. Nikhil (Vijay Devarakonda) is a game freak who spends time flirting girls online. In one situation, Nikhil decides to flirt Raga Malika. What happens then?How did their lives cross each other? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the film.


As the film was shot almost four years back we can easily find out the differences in the actors. Vijay Devarakonda is okay with his looks but did not have the enough scope for performance.

His characterisation was a big disappointment for his fans. A new heroine Shivani Singh was a perfect fit for the urban characterization that the makers derived. She also sported some appealing features in the film and was perfect for the glam feast. There are not many known faces in the film and on a whole, everyone put their best in terms of performances.

Technical Aspects:

The camera work of the film is average. A lot could be done to enhance the cinematography in the film but the makers have failed in doing it in a right way. The editing is just okay. The music offers a unique and pleasant audio album. Not a single song is pleasant to hear as well as to watch. The background music of the film is also disappointing. The runtime is 122 mins and every minute tests the patience and offers boredom.


The core point of the film is very impressive. The story revolves around a treasure hunt in the city with video gaming. The good story was ruined by a poor execution. Had the execution is different and impressive, the film would have received enough attention.

The treasure hunt concept and the love track between the couple was not mixed properly. The dark side of the social media has projected in a poor manner and the makers tried to give out a message in the end which failed. The amateurish direction and amateurish film making is evident on every single frame. On a whole, the film offers nothing except the boredom.

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