Nani faces venomous attacks during Bigg Boss show
Nani faces venomous attacks during Bigg Boss show

 Natural star and Bigg Boss show host Nani has admitted that he was under immense pressure during the hosting of the show. He said the pressure he faced during the show was far more severe and depressing than he faced even when he did three films a year. 

In an interview to the national media, he said that before the Bigg Boss, he lived in a small world of his own. “This programme has introduced to me the big world. I now realize that there are as many bad people as there are good people. I have never faced so much of venomous attack than ever before. ,” he said. He said he has also realized that one cannot please everyone. He admitted that he was under tremendous pressure during the three months of the Bigg Boss show.

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Nani replaced NTR for the Season 2 of the Bigg Boss show as the latter was unavailable for the show. Nani pepped up the show with his hosting skills, but the run up to the finale was acrimonious and difficult for Nani.

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