Kaushal's connection with Mahesh Babu
Kaushal's connection with Mahesh Babu

Kaushal is now a crazy celebrity in the Telugu states. Everyone is talking about him ever since he won the Bigg Boss season 2. Accolades are pouring in from all quartes.  Kaushal is now being invited to various TV channels to speak about his experiences. In a recent TV interview he revealed interesting things about himself.

Kaushal has a very interesting connect with Prince Mahesh Babu.  According to him, it was Mahesh Babu who suggested that he open a modeling agency. Kaushal did it and went on to become the first modeling agency in Andhra Pradesh.

“Many people helped me. It was Mahesh Babu who suggested that I open a modeling agency. Then director K Raghavendra Rao supported me. It was because of help from such quarters that I became what I am today. Otherwise, I would have gone and settled in my home town of Vizag,” Kaushal said.

Kaushal knew Mahesh Babu from the time of Rajakumarudu and he aid there is a great bonding between him and Mahesh Babu. He said he would use the Bigg Boss amount to support cancer treatment as his mother passed away due to cancer.

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