Self defense tips for women against rape

Self defense tips for women against rape

The crime rate in India with respect to atrocities on women is on a steep rise. After the unpalatable Delhi rape incident that shook the Nation in the recent times,

The crime rate in India with respect to atrocities on women is on a steep rise. After the unpalatable Delhi rape incident that shook the Nation in the recent times, more such cases have been reported in the prime metropolis areas of the country. With not many secure measures helping the working women, students or even the uneducated, it becomes all the more critical to understand and apply few self defense mechanisms.

Women should now be vigilant about where they are headed, the surroundings at their workplace and commute. There are some counter offensive measures that one can take while apply while tackling unforeseen male assailants.
Take a look at few vital precautions that you need to take, regardless of where you are.
1. Listen, Watch, Feel
Women have been gifted with amazing intuition. Now is the time to apply the same. When commuting or walking alone in a park or on the road, apply the three important senses - Listen, Watch and Feel. Listen to your inner thought. If you sense danger in any way, start walking briskly towards a crowded area without any delay. Watch your surroundings carefully. If you spot strangers with suspicious demeanor, get out from there immediately. Feel the atmosphere around. Do not get too lost going through your smartphone.
2. Walk Confidently
This is purely a psychological measure. Always stand upright and walk with confidence. This creates an air of power around your personality, making you look less vulnerable as a possible victim. Do not sway with your focus while you commute. Be alert all the time.
3. Let the assailant know that you know!
If you feel that there is a possible attacker following you, turn back and look him in the eye. This will instill fear in him as you now have a clear picture of him for identification. Sometimes, a bolder statement like "Why are you following me" and "Get lost" can help, but make sure you are at an accessible place with people around.
4. Keep your weapons handy
Yes, pepper spray is a must. Get to know some defense reflexes that help you deal with the situation. If the attacker is for real and is storming towards you, make a fist and throw a punch. If you get him with that, do not stop. Give one powerful kick in between his legs. That will cause enough damage and give you time to run away from the place.
5. Scratch and Gouge
Do not hesitate to use your nails to scratch the assailant. Also use your thumb to gouge the eye of the attacker. Sink your thumb all the way to the opposite corner of the eye. Do this with impulse so that it works.
6. Attack on the weaker parts
Focus on the most vulnerable parts that are prone to more pain. Punch on the throat so that it hurts the wind pipe making the assailant suffocate. Kick on the knees or the shin with force and that will make him go down faster.
7. Keep the phone numbers handy on speed dials
Cops, brother, cousins and family - all the phone numbers should be available on the press of a button. Keep the GPS always turned on if you are using a smartphone.
8. Scream
Yelling for help is the best way to drive the attacker away. Scream at the loudest of the decibels so that it creates panic to the subject who plans to harm you.
Self defense is an absolute must in these troubled times. Keep your self safe and protected always.
Make a note of the prime telephone numbers of Hyderabad Police for emergencies.
Women police station. 040-27853508.
Roshini helpline. 040-66202000.
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