Do not spare Pakistan

Do not spare Pakistan

The arrest of key suspect in Kanpur train mishap, Shamshul Hoda, and his aides in Nepal is certainly a big breakthrough. 

The arrest of key suspect in Kanpur train mishap, Shamshul Hoda, and his aides in Nepal is certainly a big breakthrough.

His alleged connections to the ISI have been under India’s glare for some time. It is very much distressing that Pakistan should be able to make use of Nepalis to foment trouble in India.

The November 21 Indore-Patna Express derailment claimed 140 lives. NIA is already probing a sabotage angle.

It believes Hoda is also behind the failed attempt to blow up tracks in East Champaran in Bihar. India, hence, should leave no stone unturned to unravel the truth and pin down Pakistan.

Speaking of evil activities of our neighbour, a private bill has just been introduced in parliament to declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

A valid argument is that if – despite killings of over 14,000 civilians in various terror attacks since 1998 – India refrains from declaring its neighbour a terrorist state, who else will.

Practicalities and sensibilities apart, the bill points to the burgeoning anger in India at Pakistan.
Unambiguously, the demand for passage of the 'The Declaration of Countries as Sponsor of
Terrorism Bill, 2016,’ tabled by Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar, is a far-fetched idea.

Nevertheless, a debate on it helps Indian parliament to signal a warning to the world to act against the fountainhead of terrorism.

Pak Parliament recently unanimously rejected that Kashmir is an integral part of India. As the world is getting increasingly vexed over terrorism, India should seize this opportunity to direct global outrage at Pak’s policy of terrorism in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

The house arrest of Jamaat-ud- Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed by Pakistan is only a tactic to duck US visa sanctions already slapped on seven Muslim-majority nations.

As long as it can bank upon China and does not feel pressed to improve its international status, things may not look up for India from Pak angle.

Also, given the overt Chinese support to Pakistan, its blockage of India’s move to get into Security Council or get the Council to designate Jaish-e-Mohammad founder Masood Azhar a terrorist, India has to ramp up its strategic capabilities in Asia, besides keeping the West apprised of terrorism emanating from Pakistan.

India should also impress upon new US President Donald Trump to strongly rein in Pakistan. Trump is keen to join forces with even arch-rival Russia to decimate ISIS and go after other terrorist organisations.

It should not be for nothing that India has given up its hallowed policy of non-alignment and forged defence ties with Americans.

We cannot be just a US pivot to Asia. Having lost the peace initiative in Afghanistan, where it has been waging its longest war, to the axis of Russia, Pakistan and China, the US may no longer feel compelled to coddle Pakistan and ignore India’s entreaties.

A good augury is latest news of a prominent group of 10 major US think tanks exposing Pak military's dubious role.

As chances of a thaw in Indo-Pak relations are very slim, India should mount its efforts and keep nudging the world to pore over its stance on Pakistan.

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