Life and Needs of Corporate Employee – Learn the HR Wisdom from Prey-Predator Behaviour
Life and Needs of Corporate Employee – Learn the HR Wisdom from Prey-Predator Behaviour

Do people in corporate care about their life the most or needs of life, the most? How life can be separated from its needs?  The question is absolutely philosophical in nature than logical or scientific.  Indeed, life in every sense is different from the needs of life.  If we study the life of people in corporate carefully, we can easily learn how the two are obviously different.   

Reflect on the example of nature.  If you live with intelligence, life will have struggles and if you live with instincts, life will have fear.     The question is how one would like to operate.  

The prey animals have high level of ‘instincts’ and hence they easily recognize and sense the danger of a predator.   The moment the instincts helps them to recognize the danger, fear drive them to run away to a safe place.  

On the other hand, the same instinct helps the predatory animals to know about the prey species.  Once they recognize the presence of the prey animal, the predators have to ‘use’ their intelligence and specialized skills to have their kill.  If they fail to use the intelligence appropriately, the result would be disaster or dismay.  

In every corporate, both types of people exist.  People move from ‘instincts to intelligent’ as well as ‘people do move from instincts to fear’.  

The former group of people cares their life the most while the later group care needs of their life the most.  The statement does not mean the former group of people are only intelligent and the later is not or former group does not have fear etc.  The meaning should be derived and or interpreted only contextually and relatively and not in absolute sense.  

The people who care life the most are generally achievement centric, goal focused, passionate and untiring.  On the other hand the people who care the needs of their life generally wriggle in corporate to ‘remain’ and be ‘secured’.  They lack achievement orientation, aspiration and want only to safeguard their job and nothing else.   

Ever since the day prey animals have evolved till date the prey animals in general remain as prey to their predators.  They have developed several instincts to avoid the danger.  But fear only guides them to make different decisions.   

On the contrary, the predatory animals although have strong instincts to detect the prey well in advance, have to be extremely intelligent and skillful.  Because the above equation is well preserved in the nature, the fine ‘structure and function’ of the biome is balanced and achieved.

The corporate leaders and the HR function must understand the above from the point of view of ‘prey-predator’ equation and also from ‘people who care life or needs of the life the most’.  

In true sense, the people who care life the most must be made as leaders to lead the team.  They operate with intelligence than fear.  They will always carry healthy discontentment with them than being ‘easily satisfied’.   They can effectively balance people & performance and task & team.  

Have more people who care life the most in your corporate than people who care needs of the life, the most.  Understand the real meaning of the above from nature and apply the same to build a meaningful ‘structure and function’ fabric in your corporate.