3.95 Lakh to take EAMCET today

3.95 Lakh to take EAMCET today

EAMCET fever grips aspirants. 3.95 Lakh To Take EAMCET Today, Will The Pass Percentage Improve This Time? Engineering Agricultural Medical Common Entrance Test.

  • EAMCET fever grips aspirants
  • Will the pass percentage improve this time?

Hyderabad: Amidst fears of reimbursement, amidst concerns of closure of some engineering institutes, the EAMCET (Engineering Agricultural Medical Common Entrance Test) will be held on Thursday. Students have been immersed in last minute revision for the test as the exam fever gripped the state. This has been one of the most sought after test albeit it continues to lose its sheen over the years.


EAMCET is the admission test for B Tech and MBBS courses. An estimated 3.95 lakh will be taking the test, which is conducted in two sessions: For engineering- 10 am to 1 pm and for medical and agriculture- 2:30 pm to 5: 30 pm. Candidates will be permitted into the examination hall an hour before i.e. at 9 am for engineering test and 1.30 pm for agriculture and medical entrance test.

The rule of ‘one minute delay will not be allowed’ has made the students a bit tense and it is expected all will reach their centres well before the scheduled time.

JNTU-Hyderabad has been conducting the test for the record 17th consecutive year. As the state is bifurcated, there are apprehensions that the reimbursement of tuition fee may not be that smooth as it has been in the undivided state. It may be known that more than 70 per cent of the 700 plus engineering colleges have been thriving on reimbursement of tuition fee only.

Another aspect that requires special mention is that six engineering colleges have already applied for closure and some more are also on the way. The total number of seats - till date is 3.45 lakh in all engineering branches but once the closure takes place, this number may fall to 3.22 lakh. With regard to medical stream, the issue of common fee has caused considerable degree of consternation among the student community-especially in the low and middle income groups. An annual fee of Rs 3.5 lakh will certainly be a huge burden for these families. A row over the fee structure has already erupted well before the government i.e. the governor ratifies the proposals of AFRC.

It remains to be seen how tough or easy the exam will be this year. Last year, the pass percentage in Engineering was 72.67 per cent- which is less than 0.51 per cent compared to 2012, it was 80.79 per cent in agricultural and medical stream, which is five percent less than the previous year. As the syllabus was also revised, candidates may have to face tough time in answering the questions- most of them are likely to be on fundamentals. Strict vigil Unprecedented arrangements have been made to check malpractices, especially in the wake of PGMET scam. Police and intelligence officials have already cast their vigilant eye on probable candidates who may resort to hitech copying. The infamous Gurivi Reddy gang is already under police surveillance, according to sources. The medical test will be strictly observed as there is more competition for less number of seats.

“Watch the eyes and ears of every aspirant whether any electronic gadgets are there are not” Prof. Ramana Rao has asked all the invigilators and observers. “Candidate will not be allowed to leave the examination hall till the end of the examination. Candidates will have to go to toilets before entering the exam halls only and not during the exam,” officials said.

Candidates have to handover the duly completed “Filled in online application form” in the exam hall; else, their results will be withheld. “Candidate shall carry into the examination hall only (i) Black / Blue Ball Point Pen (ii) Filled in Online Application form along with attested copy of Caste Certificate (in case of SC/ST category only) and (iii) EAMCET Hall Ticket,” they added.

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