Coffee shops the best addas

Coffee shops the best addas

Hyderabad: Coffee Shops the Best Addas, Coffee houses hold a special place in the life of today’s youth. They are hubs of various fun activities. We...

Hyderabad: Coffee houses hold a special place in the life of today’s youth. They are hubs of various fun activities. We have seen that coffee houses have evolved from just being the place where one buysa coffee. It’s due to the fact that youth frequent these shops, they have become urban cultural spaces. Many coffee houses have chains across India and a few have their own specialisations. The brew and the friends’ crew make these places special. These days most of the coffee houses have wi-fi spots. The internet friendly youth have everything at one place and time just flies away.

The read
Many coffee shops have a good line-up of books. One can find novels, comics and magazines. If one feels like sipping coffee and reading a good book. These coffee houses are best places to be. The ambience and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, makes the reading experience pleasant. Most people go with a book of their own choice, choose a nice cozy corner, order their favourite brew and immerse themselves in book.
G Santosh, a freelancer, says “I go to coffee houses at least thrice a week. I just love to read with a cup of coffee. I generally prefer black coffee and my favourite is cappuccino. Mostly I go alone to these places read books. I spend a couple of hours or more and have at least three cups of coffee while reading. ”

Games galore
If one is not into reading, the shops house various indoor games like Jenga, Chess, Scrabble, Crossword, etc. It’s fun to hang out with friends over a cup of coffee and play these games. The activity reaches the next echelon with buddies competing to win the games in a friendly manner.
“According to me, the coffee houses these days are ideal places to hangout. It’s a one stop for fun, bonding and chilling. I have friends who love coffee and mostly on weekends we hang at coffee shops. We generally play scrabble if the coffee house has that game. Whenever my friends are busy and I don’t have anything to do I pick a book and indulge myself in reading. I like Mochachino and café latte is my other favourite ,” says S Mansa, a corporate employee.

Bon Appétit
Many coffee houses have in house delicacies. From croissant to samosa the shops have yummy hand-picked menus that one just cannot say no to these appetizers. Most people prefer sipping the coffee with a snack. The vibrant menu mostly consists of donuts, choco chip cookies, sundaes, sandwiches, puffs and wraps.
“Coffee houses are a great place to hang out with friends. You could sit for long and just sip over one coffee for hours together. Also they have a fantastic ambience paired with delicious food. I love to have chocolate donut with my latte. What more would one want when the intention is just to spend a quiet evening with a couple of friends,” says, Soumya Sai, student, BBA first year.

The coffee shops have become an ideal place for young couples. People can comfortably vent their emotions to a friend while taking a sip. Before the hot steam of the coffee finds its way out into the air, innumerable things can be discussed and solved.
“I love to take my girlfriend to coffee shops only because the crowd is decent and nobody stares at us when we are having long conversations. Whenever there are is something new to try on the menu, I ensure that my girlfriend and I try it out together,” says Raghu, a software engineer. However, on the flipside the coffee houses harbour lot of broken hearts too. Many people choose coffee houses to end their courtship.

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