Ushering a new Telangana

Ushering a new Telangana

Ushering a new Telangana, The new times are here. The essence of change today is to adopt to the new nationalism (regionalism) with the birth of the state of Telangana.

The new times are here. The essence of change today is to adopt to the new nationalism (regionalism) with the birth of the state of Telangana. Adapting to changing times achieves progress. Identities are changing, and a new paradigm is being created. In human society, science and technology have been progressing according to changing times. If these changes in science & technology are utilised for the betterment of human society then that society will move forward on a progressive path, otherwise it would lead to deterioration for sure.

The very terms and definitions of some of the fundamental concepts in society have changed. New technology, new knowledge, new process and innovation have ushered in new definitions into existence. In earlier times, knowledge of written script was termed literacy and as times changed in the current context, knowledge of usage of computers is termed literacy. In the past, people with no education were considered as animals. And today it is the computer illiterate who takes that title. This tells us how the knowledge of computers has become the most critical necessity in our life today. Computer and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has shrunk the world to a small village. We are on the cusp of the change. The new State born last month, and the new society which will emerge out of the efforts of this State, will ensure that we will become the leaders in the country, if we focus on ICT.

With 2.7 million working in ICT sector, we have to acknowledge the fact as to how rapidly this field has developed and continues to do so.There was a time when the minister allotted IT/ICT portfolio would sulk and express dissent with the chief minister. Today this has changed completely and the department of IT has become one of the critical and sought after ministries.The times have changed and every ministry will have to unlearn some of the old concepts and learn new systems dependent on telecom, computers and mobile technology.

In 2012, the Central Finance Committee had identified and nominated Hyderabad as the Centre for Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR). With this announcement the Greater Hyderabad region that has already gained a name in the world IT industry, has gained pace and has taken the path of rapid growth.We will not be overstating if in the immediate future, this region overtakes Silicon Valley of the USA in this regard. If these proposed developments take shape according to the plan, experts say Hyderabad will overtake China’s Shenzen’s SEZ.

This prestigious plan and development can become a stepping stone in the rebuilding of Telangana and can in fact become the beacon for all future growth of the state.

A look at the projected growth will make it abundantly clear how the progress would be.In the plan ITIR has been structured into 5 zones which will be spread over in 49,912 acres, and what had been confined to only the west part of Hyderabad is now set to expand in all the four directions providing the opportunity for the even growth of the city. With significant revenue generation and direct and indirect employment generation, ITIR will have benefits of concerted, integrated and planned infrastructure development.

The government sector offers limited number in terms of employment. The private sector is the one that needs no boundaries and that too in the IT sector. And employment in this industry is based purely on skills and merit and observes no bonds of reservations. This industry employs only those people that fit the requirement in terms of education and skill. There is no place in this industry for people who don’t have this fit. Hence it becomes necessary to create awareness in people of this fact. Only then we can bring these opportunities to the unemployed. While creating awareness one must also realise that there is a significant way in which the business has changed. Less number of people are now required to generate additional revenue than what was required in the past. Automation of process has been the major factor in this. The efficiency has been progressing at the rate of 15% every year. We are moving up the value chain, getting more dollars for every hour of work. And more automation of existing work means we are hiring less and less to achieve the same growth. So there is a challenge for education sector and the leadership which is evolving.

One of the many challenges that the ITIR region will face is the quality of leadership in Senior as well as middle-level management. The new Telangana government must focus on creating institutions which are capable of sustained industry-oriented graduates coming to the work place every year. Even the focus on technical skills, communication capabilities, and multi-disciplinary approach must be a priority and cannot be overlooked. If the leadership skills are also added then there will be a faster achievement of the goals.

The second challenge is the focus on innovation. Innovation will not come from just structured didactic curricular based teaching. Entrepreneurship can develop in most unlikely of places and environments. The need is to help people take risk. So the government is well advised to create a favourable environment where risk is mitigated and government acts as a possible partner. In fact we should go further take this in using the acronym ITIR as Innovation, Technical Industrious Risk regime.

We know that many of the world leading IT companies have been founded by people who have chosen not to follow the beaten path. We have a huge talent pool of people who are capable of doing more with less. If we can create an environment where risk taking and failure is appreciated and celebrated, there is no reason why we will not succeed.

Six areas that we must prioritise in our thrust are: healthcare, education, e-logistics, manufacturing, risk-management and communication. We must focus on the bottom of the pyramid for making life simpler, richer and more satisfying. The political outreach that we had during the agitation, must now be capitalised to deliver the solutions. For a dignified and prosperous state, every individual must become a partner. The government must play the role of a facilitator of infrastructure and must focus on long term needs.

Significant number of student must be made aware of the following: Learn from mistakes. Engage customers in product development. Look at disruptive technology and have a tactical approach to problem solving. A second set of students must be trained in global skills that are in perpetual shortage. We must deliver on both quality and quantity. There must be a need for innovation being given primacy. For this we must create mentors. The government must put its best mind in identifying these mentors.

Bringing glory to our new- born Telangana is a great desire but will entail arduous work. ITIR is the instrument to set the direction in the path of achieving this goal.

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