Recognising a good recruiter

Recognising a good recruiter

Who get into business because it does not require much investment and they wish to earn by closing deals at the earliest. They really do not care what...

I'm happy that I got an offer letter but it states that I am eligible for benefits, but it doesn't say what the benefits are. When I asked HR, she said the company's policy does entitle her to disclose the benefits before you accept and join us, however the benefits package is very good and I shouldn't worry about it. So do you suggest I take her word for it and accept the job, what should I do?

- Surya, Nellore

Of course, many companies do not want to share such benefit details or their company manual before the employee joins. It's like asking you to play a game without revealing the rules. You can escalate it to the next level (not to HR again) upto director/CEO level and mention politely that you've a question to be clarified by them. When you get a reply from them, mention your concern. For example, "I got an offer from your company and I'm excited to join R&D department (or whichever department). However, before I join, I would like to know the benefits you provide to employees. I'm sure you understand that it's appropriate providing such details to me as it enables me to take a decision. I look forward to joining you, once I get clarity on benefits".

Joining without getting complete clarity and then balking at these rules may lead you to resign or may lead to termination. So, it's always better to have them in writing before you join.

How to identify the call/email is genuine or not? Often I get calls from recruiters of different consultancies and ask me to provide details. So, please suggest ways to overcome: a) wasting my time, b) divulging confidential information to the wrong people and, c) developing false hopes.

- Priyanka, Hyderabad

Basically, there are two types of recruiters:

(i) Who get into business because it does not require much investment and they wish to earn by closing deals at the earliest. They really do not care what others think about how they're doing it. (ii) Who are building relationships with their clients and jobseekers. These recruiters want to make a difference by contributing to their professional community. You do not find them in rush mode, as it's a time taking process.

Read the pointers below to find out who falls into the second category:

  • Ask those recruiters some thoughtful questions about the vacancy he or has called you about. Get into the work instead of asking salary and title. If he/she is a good recruiter then they will share enough information and thereby facilitate you to take a better decision. If it's not relevant to you, they may request you to suggest your friends who fit into the job, but they will not force you at all.
  • Secondly, ask him/her about their job. How long they are into this business and what positions they have filled so far.

The first category recruiters are never interested to reveal their details; whereas the second category recruiters will gladly oblige. The other aspect is timeline, whether the recruiter respects your time, returns your call, and gives proper answers to your call. But it should be both ways.

  • The second category recruiters won't just ask for your resume. They do remote assessment through social media and other innovative tools. Based on their research, they would be suggesting whether you fit in the company, the department, the job, etc. Remember the recruiter will reveal him/herself through their questions itself.

Talking to everyone is not his/her business, but finding the right talent and filling the job in the stipulated time is his/her business. A good recruiter may not have enough time to contact them unless they happen to have expertise in the exact assignment he/she is currently working on.

I'm working as a project manager in a reputed MNC and deal with a lot of employees under me. How should I know that my team is talented and how can I retain the best talent?

- Komali, Hyderabad

Employees leave their current job because of several reasons like lack of appreciation, no recognition, underpay, personality conflicts, poor management, no scope for advancement, limited professional development, lack of challenge, boredom, etc.

Many a time, you will find people leave jobs because of co-workers but not company or pay. The otherway to see it is: people leave their bosses, not jobs. Just ask one thing yourself. Are your team members eager to wake up early and come to office on time with fresh ideas? Are they enjoying what they do? If you can say ‘yes’, you're a good leader. If not, please read, understand and try to follow these tips below:

  • Know what people want and need: Everyone wants to make a difference; in return they expect recognition, value, respect, compensation, etc. Let them know you're a nice person who ensures overall development of your people. You can get better feedback during outings or get-togethers, so conduct such programmes occasionally.
  • Be clear about goals and expectations: You can have job description in writing and both have copies of it. Do not force them to do so, instead empower them and make them accountable for those responsibilities. Let them proudly own their responsibilities.
  • Lead by example: Assigning tasks is not sufficient, show some examples on how to do them and provide adequate resources.
  • Involve in decision making process: Get people's involvement and listen to their comments, suggestions or feedback before you take a final call.
  • Reward, recognise and appreciate: It's an ultimate yet powerful tool to retain the best talent in your team. There should a transparent mechanism to recognise, measure the efforts which enable you to reward and appreciate accordingly.
  • Help them to develop: It's the boss’s responsibility to ensure continual development of your team members so that they can reach the expectation of business/department objectives. Give them candid feedback and show them ways to overcome their gaps.
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