Do not fear nor panic….

Do not fear nor panic….

There is no denying the fact that preparation as well as performance in the preboard examination plays vital role in the making of results of final board examination So, this examination is considered as the full dressrehearsal of the ensuing board examination It is just like the precursor of the imminent board examination

There is no denying the fact that preparation as well as performance in the pre-board examination plays vital role in the making of results of final board examination. So, this examination is considered as the full dress-rehearsal of the ensuing board examination. It is just like the precursor of the imminent board examination.

So from this perspective, students need to take the pre-board examinations very seriously and plan meticulously in keeping with the following flawless strategies in mind - Brush up on the syllabi thoroughly Before the commencement of pre-board examination, syllabi of all the subjects of the course get completed in a school. Now what remains rest is revising them and brushing up on them very seriously so that lessons learnt in class room and self-study get reinforced and permanent.

Moreover, students must have the perfect knowledge of syllabus of each subject which helps in fixing the road map of responsibilities and setting the mood for the serious and focussed study. While revising the syllabi of the subjects, students must have the exact knowledge of the following important points -
1. Details of marks allotted to each chapter of the subject.

2. Chapters with high and low weightage of marks and types of questions asked from those chapters in the examination. Each chapter must be thoroughly studied to find out the number of objective or multiple-choice type questions, short-answer type questions, long-answer type questions and, most importantly, numerical questions prescribed to be asked in the examination.

Preparation for the examination along this line will substantially benefit you to revise all the chapters for the maximum gain in the minimum and limited time.

With the help of such type of manoeuvring, you can help yourself to stay focussed on the various topics of a chapter very seriously to finally manage the time.

3. Choose long-answer type questions in each chapter very carefully and prepare their answers rationally. The long - answer - type questions are usually 6-8 mark questions and from this point of view they do play crucial role in scoring very good marks.

4. Make ready-reckoner like notes of important facts, figures and formulae of each chapter and paste them at a vantage point in your study room.

Be clear about objective and multiple choice questions
However, multiple-choice and objective-types of questions are generally of one-mark each but they are asked in a sizeable number in the pre-board examinations. These questions are of quick-fix nature which can substantially assist a student scoring easy and very crucial marks.
To prepare for the answers of these types of questions, you must study each chapter very intensively. Keep on jotting down important concepts, theories, inventions, rules, laws, formulae, equations, and step-wise methods of measurement or calculation, units, year, date and a lot of other facts and figures while going through the chapters. This would substantially help you having solid grip over the topics and concepts learnt.
Prepare plan on day-to-day basis

Since the time period for the pre-board examination is very meagre so you need to make a plan on day-to-day basis. Identify the various chapters which you find hard nut to crack and devote entire day for their mastery.
You may even take a few chapters altogether for the preparation over the period of a particular day. This would hasten the learning and accelerate the process of preparation to dovetail the time running so fast.

But we must mind to make all these plans very realistic which can pragmatically be implemented with the resources and time available. Avoid burdening your day with the tasks which you cannot accomplish and handle. This sort of plan is tantamount to wastage of time and efforts. You also must take care that day wise study plan must not be unduly influenced by the unrealistic and highly ambitious dreams of your parents and peers.

Do not fear, nor panic
When time runs so fast and the tasks to be mastered are so immense, students start getting the feelings of fear and frustration. Panic starts overwhelming them and finally they succumb to mental disturbance and depression. This is really a fatal condition which must be avoided at all costs.

Stop worrying for the examination because it is only the assessment at the school level and not at the Board level. Despite poor performance in this examination, you must understand that you still have another big chance to prove your mettle in the final examination. So there is no use worrying for what has already gone. So it is very essential to keep patience and maintain the confidence level high and intact to continue to prepare for the final examination.

Manage time rationally
Keeping the key role of time management in the success of all the endeavours of human life in mind, it has now become a proven fact that rational time management is also a prerequisite for the success in examination like pre-board.

Every student has his own favourite subjects which he or she loves to study and finds easier to prepare than others. On the contrary, some of the subjects seem to be very tough for the preparation of which you may need to labour hard and struggle a lot. For such subjects you need to allot relatively more time and resources. This type of rational time management not only makes the task easier but also more awarding and encouraging.

Always be positive
It is said that having a positive mental attitude means asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done. It also means you must always stay optimistic even if the situation does not seem to be brightly in favour of you. Always believe in your ability and stop underestimating yourself.

No one is perfect in this world and so are you. But it does never mean that you stop trying to labour hard for what you have set your eyes to achieve in your life. Do not let early failures of your life hold you back from trying and trying to achieve your goal.

Success in pre-board examination is, in fact, the reflection upon how you are going to do in your final examination. The academicians and the subject experts have come to conclusion now that the final board examination results are only plus and minus 10 percent of the pre-board examination results.

It means how much you get in the final board examination is either 10 percent more or less than what you have achieved in your pre-board examination. So labour hard and stay passionately confident to realize your dreams of making your career bright and promising via splendid success in the pre-board examination.

- Shreeprakash Sharma

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