Give Reception to Kerala Monsoon Season

Give Reception to Kerala Monsoon Season

Give Reception To Kerala Monsoon Season. Although Kerala rests in relatively closer proximity to the Equatorto other Indian states, pleasant and...

Although Kerala rests in relatively closer proximity to the Equatorto other Indian states, pleasant and equable climate exercises palpable dominance on its surroundings throughout the year. Nearness to the sea, in tandem with the presence of natural stronghold like Western Ghats plays a decisive role in steering the state clear of hot and dry winds blowing from the north.

Kerala receives torrent of downpour (average 3000mm) each year. Normally, the temperature oscillates between 28’C and 32’ C (82’F and 90’ F) on the plains but takes the tumble by 8’C and drops off to 20’C (68’ F) in the highlands. Moreover, the highlands of Kerala bask in cool and invigorating climate, which fastens onto the state all-year round. Diversity in geographical features sets the groundwork for diversity in climatic conditions in Kerala. The seasons in Kerala are provided categorization as summer, winter, south-west monsoon, and north-east monsoon.

Winter Season in Kerala

The winter season in Kerala hits the ground running from the fag-end of November, which marks the blow of death-knell for the north-east monsoon for the year under consideration, and breezes through the middle of February. During this season, temperature drops a tad down but does not vary much from other seasons.Generally, the cool climate hovers around the highlands throughout the year. However, the winter temperature goes into a nosedive and in many instances, drops away at 10’C. The course of the season coincides with the lowest amount of rainfall.

Summer Season in Kerala

The end of February coincides with notable rise in temperature andthis sets the ball rolling for the arrival of summer in Kerala. Slight humidity, relatively higher temperature and low rainfall characterize the existence of summer season in Kerala. Unlike other Indian states, where temperature notches closer to 40’C, summers in Kerala are cool and pleasant. The Western Ghats rig the barricadesup on the dry northern winds and embrace cool breeze from Arabian Sea. The characteristics of summer season in Kerala hinge on the intermittent rains as an indispensable dimension of it. The season sets out headlong in March and does not hold off till the end of May or beginning of June edges up. Moreover, this part of the year marks the arrival of Kerala monsoon season.

South West Monsoon Season in Kerala

Southwest monsoon is touted to be the main rainy season in Kerala. The season sets off around the endof May or early June and follows up on the southwest monsoon winds.Bucketing rain drowns the state in water in the subsequent months. Perching across the windward side of the Western Ghats and being the first state to encounter the monsoon winds, Kerala receives overwhelming downpour. Monsoon chips in with 85% of the rainfall witnessed by the state. The slopes of the Western Ghats face the chill wind in the highest amount of rainfall in India. Multitude of rivers of Kerala feed themselves on the monsoons. The southwest monsoons linger in the surroundings until the end of September draws in.

North East Monsoons in Kerala

The season heads out in the month of October and holds over till December. Warm and humid days characterize dominance of the season. Apparently, there exists no noticeable variation in temperature. This strikes the time opportune for visitors to stow away their belongings into the bag and head off to this territory with scenic beauty steeped into the roots of it. The sprawling picturesque view that fastens down the state is more than likely to set an indelible impression on your imagination, which will resonate for the years to come.

In the end, it is worth concluding that with such great features of Kerala monsoon season, it becomes imperative for you to set out plans for vacations in Kerala and sift through different avenues to realize those plans.

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