Green Additives and Admixtures in Construction

Green Additives and Admixtures in Construction

The basic elements of life for a human being is Food, Clothes and Shelter among this shelter is considered costlier one in the modern life and in...

The basic elements of life for a human being is Food, Clothes and Shelter among this shelter is considered costlier one in the modern life and in order to achieve shelter early man had invented a hut using trees and leaves and found those things are having strength to with stand different calamities later on year and years passed in modern life came in to light people are dreaming with their dream houses and cement...concrete was invented similarly usage of steel in concrete is widely spread.

More over the latest technologies and innovations are out in to the modern world and researchers are working on cement and concrete in different aspects. usually cement is manufactured from factory with specific chemical property's namely in market we can see ordinary cement, Portland cement and Portland pozzonalic cement the main difference these products are during the powdering of clinkers gypsum is added to enhance the setting of cement like these products are called as Additives similarly Admixtures are also a products added to concrete which are other than ingredients of concrete such as cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water which exhibits a specific property for example Dr.Fixit having special water proofing property .
These additives and admixtures are classified as naturally obtaining and chemically obtaining few of natural products are latex based products, rice husk ash, coconut coir etc are replaced with either of ingredients of concrete similarly chemical admixtures are Accelerators, Retarders, Water-reducing agents, Super plasticizers, Air entraining agents etc. usage of these products is seen since the decade and this generation has seen how many building are being seen with scaling and palling effect but if you go to ancient period structures like pyramids, great wall of china etc when there is no existence of huge construction equipment and costlier construction products as used now a days are having more durability and sustaining for year and years .Many researchers have concluded that human blood, goat milk and animal blood is mixed with calcareous and argillaceous materials to build such a huge structures .
Now a days for quality in construction with silent features such as more sustainability, more durable, thermal permeability etc are obtained with chemical admixtures and chemical additives which are costly merely as Rs.1000 per 5 liters. we can also use additives or admixtures from herbs and term these products as herbal additives and admixtures and turn construction industry to a green initiative . usage of the these herbals products should be made a habit in construction industry as what our ancients did . The following are the different herbal admixtures and additives
This herbal material is the powder of the leaves of a plant named Mahur or Khargushak (Verbascum Thapsus) that grows in the mountains naturally can be replaced partially with cement
Cypress tree extracts was prepared by either boiling the bark in water and replaced with conventional water or by powdering the bark and replacing partially with cement
in cold water for some time can be replaced with water or partial replacement of cement
This can be replaced with partial replacement of cement by making gum in to powder
It's as an admixture is a medicinary plant this plant leaves powder can be replaced partially with cement .
Detail Experimental investigation is done in the laboratory to determine the optimum usage of these herbal products in Concrete, Reinforced concrete structures as well as in prestressed concrete

By Sandeep Thirunagaru
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