Jeggings - the new fashion trend

Jeggings - the new fashion trend

Jeggings, the latest in fashion are dominating the world scenario. Preferred and loved by women of all age groups,

Jeggings, the latest in fashion are dominating the world scenario. Preferred and loved by women of all age groups, Jeggings have easily replaced the traditional denims and skinny jeans, thanks to their great flexibility to wear anywhere anytime.

While the denims follow the same tradition of colours such as blue, black and acid wash, jeggings come in refreshing multi colours, making them a favourite.
Here are ten reasons why jeggings are the new trend and trending too!
Comfort – Absolutely comfortable to wear, jeggings are easy to fit into. There are no hassles of the in seam cut or stitch. Practically anyone can get into jeggings and still look good.
Great for tucks – Unlike jeans, where tucking is a major issue, jeggings are super easy to tuck. Shirts or tees, jeggings make them all look good on top.
Stretch ability – Perhaps jeggings are the only ones that easily stretch, letting us to sit cross legged on the chair when required. That’s why more women choose jeggings for work wear!
Compatibility – Jeggings are compatible with anything on top – tunics, tees, sleeveless blouses, flowy tops, balloon tops – everything goes well with them.
The black style – Black jeggings are extremely popular, with their retro look that goes sexy with high heeled boots to flat bellies.
Always fit – Jeggings always fit. Even after a weight gain of 5 kgs, women surprisingly fit the same as they did before in them. Utter magic!
Wear them anywhere – Work, park, malls, yoga..jeggings are comfortable for any occasion. The look and the feel of jeggings allows for them to be a part of any kind of daily wear.
Fashion boost – Jeggings are a great fashion boost who think they lack the figure or attitude to flaunt them. They are so adorable that one keeps them as a must wear on all occasions.
The retail outlets are now swarmed with more and more jeggings in different style. It is always better to invest in a great pair of jeggings that enhance your structure than trying to hunt around for other perfect fits.
One may or may not have perfect denims, but they always have jeggings!!
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