'Telangana will be a reality'

Telangana will be a reality

Sansad Yatra is to exert pressure on Centre Hyderabad: The growing demand for statehood to Telangana is for self rule and self respect and...

Sansad Yatra is to exert pressure on Centre tjac Hyderabad: The growing demand for statehood to Telangana is for self rule and self respect and against selfish motives of those at the helm and discrimination meted out, according to TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram. The two-day 'Sansad Yatra' to the national capital will make our voice for T demand heard at Jantar Mantar and in Parliament simultaneously, he said in an interview given to The Hans India. Our Yatra would surely elicit support from national parties, national media and mount pressure on the Centre to carve out T state, he exuded confidence. The UPA II Government should keep its promise on Telangana, if it has any respect to the Constitution and democracy, he added. Center should either offer statehood or say no, if it cannot.
How do you see that Centre has been dragging its feet on Telangana issue? The Center is inefficient to take a decision on the long pending issue. It is under the influence of some people who are against the statehood. There is a need to take a decision unmindful of any pressure. Indecisiveness of the Center can also be attributed to its utter disrespect towards democracy.
Do you think the two-day 'Sansad Yatra' will make T voice heard and build up pressure on the Centre?
We hope it would exert pressure on the Centre. We got support from national parties and their leaders would come to our protest to voice T demand. We would make T voice heard as national media would witness our protest at Jantar Mantar and in Parliament simultaneously.
What if UPA regime failed to introduce a bill in the Parliament?
In fact, the Centre has to carve out T state, if it believes in parliamentary democracy and Constitution. Also it is shameful on its part for failing to come out with a solution, when about 1,000 youth have committed suicides for Telangana. What is your take on AICC General Secretary and former Chief Minister, Digvijay Singh's comment against formation of smaller states?
Digvijay Singh does not know history. It is not true that the BJP lost power because it created three states. That happened much later and due to other reasons. What is hindering formation of Telangana? Just a fistful of industrialists, a few politicians spewing venom against Telangana. Can we expect any role of Rahul Gandhi in resolving the issue?
It is for the Congress regime to decide on the demand. Do you still hope that the Centre would come out with a concrete solution? We have confidence that norms of democracy would prevail and T would be a reality. And our fight would continue until we achieve the goal. Which parties you are expecting support from? BJP, CPI, RLD, NCP and BSP have extended support to our demand. We are also expecting support from other parties and prominent individuals. H Venkatesh
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