Demand for probe into Prasadam's killing

Demand for probe into Prasadam

Hyderabad: The civil societies on Wednesday demanded a thorough probe into the killing of Ganti Prasadam and...

Hyderabad: The civil societies on Wednesday demanded a thorough probe into the killing of Ganti Prasadam and the threat mails his aides have been receiving. Unless the government takes up the probe, they will continue to presume that the government was the real offender in the case, said human rights activist Professor G Haragopal. Releasing a poster of 'Chalo Hyderabad', to be held on July 19, against the government's 'indifference' in ordering a probe into Prasadam's death, he said that it appears that the government was determined to crush all forms of activism. Referring to the reports of Chief Minister suggesting A P model in solving naxal problem in Chhattisgarh, he said the government needs to answer if the killing of Prasadam was a revenge for Chhattisgarh incidents. "It all started with Ramanatham's killings followed by seven and eight deaths. Till now it is not clear who killed them. None of the culprits was caught," Haragopal said. He said, instead of investigating into the cause of death of Prasadam, the police were finding fault with the activists for raising their voices against the killing. "Rather than finding fault with the people, police should investigate the case. Being responsible for the wellbeing of society, they are answerable. If they do not feel responsible there will be anarchy in the society," he added. He felt that linking up the issue of Naxalism with Telangana struggle was not acceptable. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor, Siasat, felt that the police was resorting to activities that existed during 2006. "The AP Police should learn from their counterparts in Gujarat, where scores of policemen are now behind the bars for taking part in fake encounters," he said. He demanded the government to come up with white paper over the police behaviour. S Venkateshwarlu of Udyoga Kranti paper felt that on one side the government wants to bring the naxals into the mainstream, while on the other hand it was isolating them with their actions. He said the government was not taking up the issue seriously. Suresh Kumar, APCLC vice-president felt that targeted killings were being carried out from time to time. "The proof for this is ordeal faced by arrested individuals, who are regularly told by police officials to stop activism during their arrests," he pointed out. Ganti
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