Toll goes up as heat wave persists

Toll goes up as heat wave persists

The people of the state did not any respite from the sweltering heat on Sunday. The soaring mercury kept most people within their homes. There are...

The people of the state did not any respite from the sweltering heat on Sunday. The soaring mercury kept most people within their homes. There are reports of deaths due to heat wave from several parts of the state. However, there were welcome showers in Visakhapatnam city late on Sunday night giving hopes mercury coming down in the coming days.

Karimnagar: The mercury soared for the third consecutive day on Sunday claiming ten more lives in the district. The people did not venture out of their houses during the day and the roads looked deserted.

Burraveni Venkataiah (70) of Boppapur village in Yallareddypet mandal, Jurupula Lakshma Naik (55) of Atmanagar Peda Thanda in Metpally mandal, Kiran (31) of Prakasam Road in Korutla town, Pattipaka Sagar in Jammikunta, Eswaroju Srihari (48) of Penchikalpet in Kamanpur mandal, Bijjari Kesaribai (70), Cheedam Mallesh (18) of Jeelapalli in Mahamutharam mandal, Narender (8) of Mettachittapur village, Arsha Veeramallu (50) of Krishnapur and Perumalla Lingam Goud (52) of Konaraopet died on Sunday due to heat wave, according to official sources.

Nizamabad: Heat wave and scorching sun claimed six lives on Sunday in the district. A daily wage earner Ameena (19) of Yacharam village in Gandhari mandal, a farmer Mallesh (57) of the Kalleda village in Maklur mandal died due to heat wave conditions.

Lingam (35) of Maklur mandal who went to Hyderabad as laborer died there and his dead body was brought to the district on Sunday. Kalavathi (45) of Akbarnagar in Varni mandal who complained of headache after travelling in a bus was taken to a hospital where she was declared brought dead due to heat wave. A farmer Gurram Gangaram (50) in Yellareddypalli in Darpalli mandal died of sunstroke.

Adilabad: Two persons died of sunstroke on Sunday in Manchirial town in the district. Abdul Khader (52), a daily wage earner in Subhashnagar colony and Sunkara Harnmathu (45) of Srisrinagar colony went to work on Saturday. After coming back from work, they complained of giddiness and died during the night.

Medak: Sunstroke claimed four lives in Medak district on Sunday. Twenty five years old Archana of Gajulpad of Kaganti mandal died of sunstroke after returning from farm work on Sunday. Ten-year-old Akshay of Chitkul in Patancheru mandal who fell ill after hit by sunstroke on Saturday died on Sunday. Chakali Nagarju, 25, of Sharulla Nagar of Hatnoor mandal, Golla Mallavva, 45, of Chinna Sankarampet also died of sunstroke.

18 die due to heat wave Nalgonda: Sunstroke claimed a toll of 18 lives across Nalgonda district on Sunday. A driver Ajith (45) and an aged person B Hanmanthu (60) died in Miryalguda. B Venkanna of Settipalem and Mattamma (60) from Sangareddy Gudem in Vemulapalli mandal lost their lives. The other dead persons were M Ramalingaiah (55) and N Shankar Rao (50) of Suryapet, Ch Venkataiah from Lingala village, A Bharatamma of Ketepalli, M Lingaiah (50) and K Srinivas (45) belonging to Nutankal, Abhraham (50) from Cheekatigudem, Kirshna Murthy (48) for Nemmani, S Maraiah (14), L Narsimha (60) and P Vasudev (15) hailing from Indrapalanagar village of Rammannapet mandal, SK Jani (45) and Janardhanachari (50) of Kodada and K Narsaiah (50) belonging to Bethavolu village of Chilukur mandal.

Srikakulam: At least seven people died on Sunday due to heat wave conditions in the district. According to information available, Gariya Nayakanna (60) of Marripadu village in V Kothur mandal, Sanapala Joganna (70) of Gunabhadra village in Kothur mandal, Appanna Muli (50) of Kirtipuram village in Icchapuram mandal, Thatti Balaji (56) of Paisadi village in the same mandal, Swamiraju Peda Bhagamma (65) of Dallavalasa village in Pondur mandal, Pydi Narasamma (75) of Modalavalasa village and G Adamma (17) Sarvesapuram village in Jisigadam mandal died of sun stroke.

About two thousand chicken perished in a Chicken Farm in Palakandyala village junction in Jisigadam mandal on Sunday.

Visakhapatnam: The severe heat wage conditions in the district claimed 12 lives on Sunday alone. According to reports, Gutha Gouri Pathrudu (73), Narayna (60) P Venkata Ramana (80) Surla Tateelu (80) of Jogampet village in Goligonda mandal, Arjuna Rao (46) in K D Peta, Ramayamma (65), Gudivada Chinnamma (55) in Ravikavatham mandal, Mallayamma (45) of Thimmarajupet village in Achutapuram mandal, Lotha Ramulamma (65) of Cheedipalem village in Madugula mandal Ramulamma (72) of Vantarlapalem village in the same mandal, Muthyalamma (55)in Chandrapalem village of K Kotapadu mandal, Musalamma (65) of Kasipuram village in Devarapalli mandal died of sunstroke on Sunday in Visakhapatnam district.

Guntur: There was a heavy toll of human lives in Guntur district on the third consecutive day. The district officials said at least 15 persons died due to heat wave conditions. The following persons died due to sunstroke in the district on Sunday: Kapilavai Kotamma (80) of Pedagarlapadu, Adrusta Rao (55) of Telukutla village in Gurajala constituency, Palibay (65) in Morjampadu village of Machavaram mandal, Putholu Chinnamma (50) of Ravipadu village in Narasaraopet mandal, Chennamma (50) in Macharla constituency, Katta Sarojanamma (70) in Kodaveeti village in Yadlapadu mandal, P Singayya (70) of Kothapalem village, P Venkateswarlu (75) in Nadendla mandal , D Ramanaiah (78) in Veguntapalem village, Alla Veeraiah (85) of Chilakaluripet rural mandal, Sheik Rahimbee (55) in Chilakaluripet town.

Anantapur: Two persons Neelamma (45) in Jadagallu village in D Heerahal mandal and an old woman Lingamma in Guntakal died of substroke on Sunday in the district.

Tirupati: Two senior citizens Krishnaiah (62) in Varadarajula mandal Ramanamma of Kalattur village in the same mandal died of heat wave in Chittoor district on Sunday according to official sources.

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Heat wave claims 17 more lives in Warangal Warangal: Sweltering heat wave claimed 17 more lives in the district on Sunday. Though it was bit cloudy in the parts of district including Warangal till 11 am, people felt the heat of the real scorching Sun later in the afternoon while commuting to the places. Sunday's heat wave victims include Mamidala Upender (40), a plantain seller at Fatimanagar at Kazipet in Warangal city, and Thota Rajitha (30) from Namiligonda village in Station Ghanapur mandal in the district. The other victims are Ramachandra Reddy, son of former Minister Nimma Raji Reddy, from Veldenda mandal headquarters, Sammakka of Laxmidevipeta in Venkatapur mandal and an old woman in Nandanam village in Wardhannapet; and Komuramma, daily-wage labourer, of Konoor village in Zaffergarh mandal.

Sunstroke deaths in Vijayawada Vijayawada: The second day of Rohini Karthi has killed as many as 5 people in Krishna district. The district recorded a temperature of 45.4 degree Celsius. Nageswara Rao (48), Padma Rao (48) of Anasagaram village of Nandigama mandal, Maha Lakshmi (6) of Putrela village of Visannapet mandal, a boy in Tiruvur and Another person in Jayathipuram of Jaggiahpet mandal died on Sunday. On the other hand, Borra Saibu (42) of Narsapuram, Santhiah (72) of Pathapdu village of Mogalturu mandal, T Nageswara Rao (42) of Thurpukalu village of Moghalthuru mandal, N Satyavathi (65) of Neredumilli village of Yalamanchali mandal, Veerabhadra rao (59) of Poduru, B Suryanarayana Raju (48) of Kovvur, K Veeraswamy (65) of Jangareddy, K Posiah (32) of Pathivedula of Kovvur, D Koteswara Rao (70) of Kovvur mandal and a P Venkiah (102) of Piditi village in Paladugu mandal died.

East Godavari: Raising temperature and hot winds have takenaway 18 lives in east godavari district on Sunday. Most of the diesed were agricultural coolies and aged people. Four persons died in Kakinada rural mandal,3persons in prathipadu mandal, 2 in tuni mandal, 1aumpeta each in jaggampeta, u,kothapalli mandal and 7 in Prathipadu mandal.

Kadapa: Gunasekhar, 56, a migrant labour died of sun stroke in the town on Sunday. Kurnool: Vekatesh, 40 of Chagalamarri, Gurireddy Picchi Reddy, 50, of Sunkulamma Kattala village of Pamulapadu mandal, Ramachandra Reddy, 60, of Juturu in Pattikonda mandal, Imam Shah, 60 of Gonavaram in Panyam mandal, Kondanna, 52, of Chanugondla in Guduru mandal died of sunstroke on Sunday.

22 people die in Nellore Nellore: In a single day, 22 persons died on Sunday due to sun stroke. This is first in the district so many people died on a single day. As the mercury level touched 43 degrees Celsius mark, the senior citizens were the worst affected. According to information received here the following personsdied due to sun stroke on Sunday: Venkata Narsaiah, 75, Duthalur village. Sanjeevamma, 70, Rapuripalli village in Duthalur mandal, A Mangamma, 71, Venkatapuram village in Udayagiri mandal, Balamma, 71, Isukapalli village in Varikuntapadu mandal, Saradamma, 45, Vidyanagar village in Kota mandal,Penchalamma, 55, Kadivedu village in Kota Mandal,Lakshmamma, 70, Meganuru village, Gudur mandal,Subramanyam, 62, retired government employee, Athmakur mandal headquarter, Rahamthulla, painter, 35, Vengalarao Nagar, Nellore town Kotamma, 48, Vengalarao Nagar, Kvali Ramanaiah, 71, Naidupalli village in Kodavalur mandal, Yellamgari Jalaiah, fisherman, 68, Isukapalli village in Alluru mandal, Ramanamma, 70, Venkannapalem village in Kotapalle Gudur mandal.

Thunder showers in Vizag

Visakhapatnam: Light showers with thunders in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam gave much relief to the citizens at 10 pm on Sunday. The citizens came out in the rain and enjoyed the showers after going through the scorching heat throughout the day. A Sunstroke claimed the lives of 12 persons on Sunday alone in the district.

Sunstroke snuffs out 28 lives in Prakasam

Ongole: The scorching heat took another heavy toll in the district on Sunday, claiming as many as 28 lives. Among the victims are two each in the mandals of Konakalmitla, Gudulru, Hanumantunipadu, Chirala and Lingasamudram; five in Marturu mandal; four each in the mandals of Valetivaripalem and Vetapalem; one each in the mandals of Darsi, Talluru, Erragondapalem and Tripurantakam.

They were identified as Kotamma (66) and Subbalakshmamma (80) from Peddarigatla village in Konakalamitta mandal; Gottipati Veeraiah (58) from Ramnagar; Seshamma (70) and Lakshmamma from Kollapudi; Mahalkshmi (55) in Jonnatali; and Seshamma (70) from Kolapudi � all located in Marturu mandal.

Venkata Subbaiah (65) and Ankamma (50) are from Chundi, and Indluri Lajar (60) and Lacchamma (58) are from Pokuru, all from Valetivaripalem mandal. Subbamma, 74 of Darsi mandal, Chotebi, 90, of Tettu village in Gudluru mandal, Tyagam Papaih, 7-0 of Tmmareddipalem and Venkata Lakhmamma of Mutyalapadu of Lingasamudram mandal. Two aged persons died in Gayamvaripalle in Hanumantunipadu mandal. Koteswaramma of Mannepalli in Talluru mandal, two persons in Chirala, one each in Erragondapalem, and Triupurantakam and four persons in Vetapalem. An aged person from Amalapuram who came to Ongole in an RTC bus died at the bus station.

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