Vundavalli for people's debate on T, attacks KCR

Vundavalli for peoples  debate on T, attacks KCR

"Consensus in Parliament needed for separate state Assembly resolution is not enough KCR sowing hatred among Telangana people against Andhra...

  • "Consensus in Parliament needed for separate state
  • Assembly resolution is not enough
  • KCR sowing hatred among Telangana people against Andhra region"
Rajahmundry: Stating he was not against the formation of Telangana, Member of Parliament Vundavalli Arun Kumar said here on Wednesday that if Telangana was formed on the basis of hatred created by the likes of KCR, Telangana people would suffer and demands for new States would emerge from all corners of the country. Vundavalli
He called for a debate and discussions by people of all regions instead of using abusive language. Recalling the resolution made by Mayawathi in Uttar Pradesh Assembly, he made it clear that a resolution in the State Assembly was not enough to form a new state. "It needs consensus in Parliament," he added. He submitted the 9th annual report as MP which has its significance in the wake of Congress core committee meeting which will discuss the Telangana issue on July 12th in New Delhi. Coming down heavily on TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao, Vundavalli pointed out that KCR was sowing hatred against coastal Andhra people among Telangana youth which was driving them to commit suicide. He termed the comments made by KCR against him as sheer madness. He found fault with KCR statements that the revenue from Telangana region was Rs 36,000 crore by way of taxes and rulers were spending it in Andhra region. Elaborating on the revenue, he said the revenue from Hyderabad was Rs 12,096 crore and from the remaining Telangana districts was only Rs 2,298 crore. Rejecting KCR's claim that the Coastal Andhra region was drawing more river water than Telangana, Vundavalli said Andhra and Telangana regions were drawing more or less equal amount of water from Godavari and Krishna rivers. Speaking on the permissions given to irrigation projects, he demanded a White Paper on them in both the regions. He criticised BJP leader LK Advani for announcing the BJP would form Telangana if it was voted to power. He recalled when NDA was in power Advani stressed for unanimous resolution in the State Assembly. Vundavilli urged the people's representatives not to resort to resignations and advised them to express their views in Parliament and Assembly. He expressed the hope that Congress will take a decision in the larger interest of the State as well as the country. Referring to the pathetic conditions still prevailing in Rayalaseema, Vundavalli stressed the need for the development of the region. He said that leaders from Rayalaseema were chief ministers for 9,223 days in 19,720 days after formation Andhra Pradesh which showed that mere hailing from the region does not help to develop the region.
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