Are you up for 'Juggernaut Breakfast challenge'?

Are you up for Juggernaut Breakfast challenge?

Are You Up For 'Juggernaut Breakfast Challenge'?. The Winner Of The Challenge Gets A 11.95 Pounds Breakfast For Free With A T-Shirt And A Place On The 'Wall Of Fame' In The Bar.

London: Chef Daniel Patterson has offered hungry diners aJuggernaut Breakfchallenge which includes a Man vs Food-style meal.
The Undergraduate Bar in Leamington Spa offers two foot-long sausages, eight rashers of bacon, four black puddings, four egg, mushroom and cheese omlettes, four fried eggs, four hash browns, four regular serving of chips, four Portobello mushrooms, four tomatoes and eight pieces of toast in their challenge, the Daily Star reported.
Patterson said that the diner, who came closest to finishing the breakfast, went crazy trying to do so, as he started to do push-ups halfway through eating to work up his appetite.
The winner of the challenge gets a 11.95 pounds breakfast for free with a t-shirt and a place on the 'Wall of Fame' in the bar.

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