Burger festival: A mouthful of Chargrill flavours

Burger festival: A mouthful of Chargrill flavours

Burger festival: A mouthful of Chargrill flavours, Burger Festival. He added that veggie burgers are not in the same league. "For instance, if you take mushroom, the quality of taste is not that great," he said.

New Delhi: Burgers with a difference at mmmBurger Festival! Done over a charcoal fire, these are the high points of the fest that offers big and luscious burgers that woo your tastebuds with a mouthful of chargrill flavours.

While I was heading toward Smoke House Deli in the capital's Hauz Khas Village for the month-long burger fest, I quickly connected with Sid Mathur, director and head of food at Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. I had expected him to put in a good word about the delicacies being offered at his restaurant. He did that for sure, but also cautioned me about the burger fillings.

"We are going old school for the fest. The cooking is like it's meant to be, which is using charcoal and fire. It is more for our carnivorous customers. They are the ones who mostly request for such burgers. Besides, when meat is chargrilled, the taste is different," Mathur told IANS.

He added that veggie burgers are not in the same league. "For instance, if you take mushroom, the quality of taste is not that great," he said.

Had I been a flora foodie, I would've instantly turned a deaf ear to him. But Mathur quickly added that one out of 10 burgers is dedicated to vegetarians.

"Spicy soya chunks and spinach burger is the only vegetarian option we have right now. The fest started in the end of February and will continue for a month. Depending on the response, we will add more," he said.

With that hopeful note in mind, I entered the venue and glanced at the menu especially crafted for the fest.

Mathur had recommended a bite of Benedictor and Lucy's Juicy. Along with those two, I also asked for the sole vegetarian option.

It took a while to serve the dishes, but looking at the appetising and appealing food on my plate, I didn't even dare to complain. The big-sized burgers complemented the two crispy onion rings placed right on top of the bun and the fries surrounding it.

Accompanied by freshly squeezed apple and carrot juice, I took a big bite of Benedictor. The bun was neatly filled with chargrilled tenderloin patty, peppered egg and turkey pastrami.

Like promised, it had a dominating charred and smoky flavour.

From a relatively dry burger, I went on to Lucy's Juicy. As the name suggests, it was juicy. With melting cheese on the chargrilled lamb patty, it can make anyone feel guilty for indulging in it. The pickled cucumber gave a sour and spicy flavour to the charred food.

The Spicy Soya Chunks and Spinach Burger is a must for those who are looking for something beyond a mere potato filling. In addition, the soya pieces and the green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and lettuce with melting cheese made it heavenly.

Starting from Rs.310 (plus taxes), the burgers are good accompaniments to a mug of beer.

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