Must Eats in Hyderabad

Must Eats in Hyderabad

What defines and demarks a city best from the rest is undoubtedly the local cuisine. If one had to describe the nawabi city of Hyderabad, a must tell...

What defines and demarks a city best from the rest is undoubtedly the local cuisine. If one had to describe the nawabi city of Hyderabad, a must tell is the Hyderabadi cuisine. Known for being a little more than acceptably spicy, the food remains extremely tempting and insatiable.
The food is a beautiful mélange between Andhra , Nawabi and Telangana cultures. It is a rich blend of royal Mughlai flavours, Nizams special, and spiced-up culinary traditions of South India. Food plays a very important role in the Hyderabad culture, Hyderabadis do not take their appetite for granted. From street food to royal delicacies, Hyderabad remains well know worldwide. Kebabs to biryanis to ghee laden sweets Hyderabad is the ultimate abode for foodies. This city, with guarantee will honor your taste palette in a manner done never before.
There are countless delicacies in Hyderabad, but some of the most popular ones are:
The Hyderabadi Biryani:
The most elitist of personalities have visited this city to feast on the Hyderabad biryani. The most famous of all is the Paradise biryani. Be it Rahul Gandhi or Sachin Tendulkar, none have gone aback without wanting to return.
Cooked with either mutton or chicken, and laced with rich ingredients, and a distinct aroma, this recipe is the doorstep to heaven. This dish is such a favorite that people don't mind having it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A must mention: tastes best with coke.
By far the best dish the city offers is haleem. Only prepared during the month of Ramadan, this dish is nothing less than a solace. It is of high nutritional value. The flavor, taste and consistency of Haleem are exotic. Haleem is minced meat cooked with butter and ground wheat and tastes absolutely delicious.
Some of the Best places to try Haleem are Pista House ,Madina Hotel and Nayaab Hotel at Old city .During Ramzaan, haleem becomes the staple food for all Hyderabadis.
Hyderabadi Marag:
The best start to a meal with a spicy-meaty soup is forver welcome. You may have tried several soups but you will instantly become a fan of Hyderabadi Marag. Light in texture and prepared with tender mutton, it is the perfect starter that will keep you hooked.
Mirchi ka salan:
The hot-pungent taste of Mirchi ka Salan gives you the perfect balance in the dish comes from the coconut paste that is added for a unique, refreshing flavour. It is a popular sabzi and is often served with biryanis .
Hyderabadi Khichdi:
If khichdi is boring & bland, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Spicy in taste, the Hyderabadi khicdhi is gooey in texture and served hot with lots of desi ghee. This recipe is a popular breakfast packed with nutrition and tasty flavors.
Hyderabadi treat is never complete without the authentic Lukhmis. These little squares of maida filled with minced meat is just what you need to treat your taste buds. Dip it in hot chutney and savour the delectable flavour.
For sweet cravings as well, Hyderabad offers en number of lip smacking deserts
Double-ka-Meetha is made with bread, sugar, dry fruits, pure ghee and milk. And is very popular in Hyderabad.
Khubani-ka-Meetha is another famous desert, made with apricot, boiled with sugar to make a thick, sugar soup garnished with blanched almonds or apricot kernels and topped with malai orice-cream.
Hyderabad also has a galore of other delicacies. Come, visit Hyderabad, fall in love with the city!!

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