Can Rahul Gandhi outwit Narendra Modi?

Can Rahul Gandhi outwit Narendra Modi?

Can Rahul Gandhi outwit Narendra Modi?, In the election year, all eyes are on Narendra Modi and the main opposition party BJP.

In the election year, all eyes are on Narendra Modi and the main opposition party BJP. Many analysts over the last couple of years have wondered how the Opposition can cash in on anti incumbency following ten years of Congress led UPA rule. It is a known fact that any ruling dispensation gets affected by anti incumbency due to price rise, inflation and other issues. The constant increase in petroleum products, essential commodities coupled with exposure of scams day in and day out has tarnished the ruling Congress Government's image. But with even the main opposition party BJP experiencing internal squabbles, the debate has resumed.

The elevation of Modi and his super surge to the PM post made Congress. jittery. Congress at once elevated Rahul Gandhi to the post of Vice President. This has made everyone wonder how Rahul Gandhi will outwit Narendra Modi. Many feel it is a virtual non contest given that Rahul will pale in comparison to Narendra Modi's development plank, clean and corrupt free administration. Rahul, realising that corruption and scams play important role in the coming elections started on the right note though not convincing.
He at once asked his members to tear a Bill passed in Lok Sabha by his own party to insulate corrupt politicians. He tried to take on the BJP and Modi on communal clashes and displayed honesty when he admitted that some of his men too were involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Rahul in order to make poor and the middle class happy, went on damage control mode by removing the cap on LPG cylinders from 6 to 12. He even made his UPA Government remove the mandatory Aadhar clause. His party buoyed by Rahul's moves took a giant leap.
It mooted reservations to SC,ST,BC,OBCs in the private sector, to Muslims in defense forces, one rank one pension to defense personnel. To top of it, Congress president Sonia Gandhi started meeting imams and mullahs to please Muslims in order to get their votes enmasse. In his attempt to outwit Modi, he even tried making alliances with parties and also gave a call to all asking them not to divide secular votes. Though some of his moves may yield results, there is a feeling that Rahul stepped up the ante a little too late.
Some even feel that his moves smacked of double standards. He spoke against corruption while at the same time staying mum on corrupt leaders being given party tickets. Here, many agree that caste and religion composition play key roles in winning and losing an election. This put him on a sticky wicket when his party speaks about BJP's corruption issue. Same is the case of communal riots. The moment he spoke about Congress involvement in anti-Sikh riots, he weakened the position of his party vis a vis BJP. Even on populist measures and de-linking Aadhar card, it came too late as common people had already suffered a lot. Reservations in the private sector is making the middle class extremely angry and Muslim appeasement steps is making even Muslims suspicious about Rahul's intentions. Rahul's pro poor stand too is having holes as his promise to poor lady Kalavathi in Lok Sabha remains unfulfilled.
But all is not lost for Rahul and Congress as last minute moves in elections always does wonders, thanks to the short term memory of the public. In that way, Rahul is on the right course with right moves to outwit Modi who had increased the accelerator early.
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