All in the name of Secularism!

All in the name of Secularism!

All in the name of Secularism!, Indian constitution included the word \'Secularism\' so as to ensure equal rights to the followers of all religions and appeasement to none.

Indian constitution included the word 'Secularism' so as to ensure equal rights to the followers of all religions and appeasement to none. However politicians started using the word as a vote minting machine. Secularism long time back became a taboo and politicians and political parties stoop to any extent to gain votes in the name of secularism.

While our forefathers to ensure justice to all, included the word secularism in the constitution, politicians to gain power at any cast started dividing people according to religion, caste,creed,sect etc. For long to gain muslim votes they created a fear psyche in their minds about majority followers of Hindu religion. They stoked up violence, communal clashes and using the law enforcing authorities which are mere puppets in their hands, pointed needle of suspicion toward majority community.

It went even to the extent of sacrificing National security by creating element of doubts regarding Kargil war, 26-11 Mumbai attacks, Samjhautha Express blasts, Chinese incursions. To the top of it, allowing influx of Bangladeshi muslims complicated the problems. Ammendment of laws regarding communal violence to favour muslims, mooted reservations for muslims in Armed forces etc, showed the true colours of the parties commitment to secularism. Even supporting terrorists and rapists of one particular community for mere votes exposed the real evil designs of the politicians. Politicians meet terror suspects, demand inquirty on army operations and even suspect terror operations.

Reservations are also used to gain votes in the name of secularism. While reservations for downtrodden was widely welcomed in 50s and 60s with ten year time limit, going on extending it for umpteen times makes many wonder whether reservations benefited anyone. Infact reservations are used to divide people in the name of castes forming new sects and subsects in them. While constitution opposed religion based reservation, political parties for votes started promising reservations to muslims even though courts struck them down once or twice. Now political parties started demanding and promising reservations in private sector. Wonder what is their next stop for reservations.

Same is the case with corruption. Even if people wish to elect clean politicians, they could find none. Though many politicians have charges and FIRs against them and courts pronounced them guilty in corruption cases, murder cases, treason, inciting violence, political parties support their candidature that peoples court is ultimate and their decision is final. Everyone knows how these tainted politicians get elected. Once elected, these tainted politicians claim that people have absolved them of all their crimes.

It is not that judiciary and law enforcing authorities are above these misdeeds. Many of them pose as if they are saints and when they were caught with full evidence, they claim that they have been targeted since they belong to particular religion,sect or community. Political parties claim that they work for the development and upliftment of women force. However everyone knows what upliftment they are talking about.

33% reservation to women in Parliament is yet to be passed and all political parties on one or the other pretext always stall its passage. But they shout from their roof tops that they are working for women empowerment. Only thing they did for women empowerment is bring in their wives, sisters, mothers and use them as puppets. Only exception is Sonia Gandhi,Jayalalitha, Mamata Bannerjee who are making others puppets.

Politicians promise clean administration and people like Rahul Gandhi give call for tearing of bill which aide corrupt politicians and also claim credit for passing of anti corrupt bills. However he cannot explain issuing of tickets to tainted politicians in his party. Same is the case with BJP with reinducted corrupt Yeduyurappa.

Supporters of these parties try to differentiate the acts but for common people, these politicians and parties will not hesitate to sell the Country's sovereignity to get votes and come to power. This all happens, all in the name of Secularism.
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