Gollapudi Maruti Rao: VOTER IS THE WINNER. This is easily one of the greatest events in the history of the nation since Independence. A generation had not heard the `voice` of the voter as unequivocally, as loudly, as emphatically and even as cruelly as now.

This is easily one of the greatest events in the history of the nation since Independence. A generation had not heard the `voice` of the voter as unequivocally, as loudly, as emphatically and even as cruelly as now. The collective emotion is discernible and earth-shaking. This nation has traveled from martyrs, the real heroes, the foot soldiers of the forties of the last century, to the opportunists, corporate vultures gate-crashing into the corridors of power, usurping the respective Assemblies and Parliament to meet their sordid aims. The voter helplessly made a scapegoat, even a victim of their exploitation.

And then something unprecedented happened few days back! Politics, which has become a resort of the scoundrel-in the words of Bernard Shaw- has come of age. The poor, faceless illiterate who was made to barter his voice for a mere freebie of an exploiter, a sickening price the politician had set to purchase his `power` has suddenly became aware of its value and used it with a feeling and emotion for the first time.

Hitherto the majority vote was grabbed by bully, by sops and importantly by dubiously masked faces. In states like West Bengal, I can confide with authority, many respectable citizens have not seen the inside of a polling booth for decades, thanks to the brute force, hooliganism and wrongly labeled, misplaced ideologies.

The country has sunk to a new low, each time bettering the previous low and the common man in the street was confused, demoralised and even deceived. Can this country see the light at the end of the tunnel? Can there be a day when he can rise and augur for new sunshine? The answer was a capital `NO` until very recently.

How many scams we were exposed to during the last ten years? How many times the shameless politician sold his deceit with brazen nonchalance? The voter was seething with anger, trembling with muted helplessness.

To quote an instance, politicians like Jairam Ramesh tried to impress us that the bifurcation of the state is in our best interest of the respective regions and started selling vacant dreams bartering the dignity and morale of Andhra voter, with promises of any number of IITs, IIMs, industries etc. knowing well that their days are numbered and the future stunted and it was a matter of time before they read the writing on the wall.

And then the common man rose like a Goliath. The youth, who were given the right to voice his say, that young man whose dreams were mutilated by these thoughtless politicians-some 37% of them-ran to the EVMs to vent their anger. The elite that dissipated section with an ability to think but cringed helplessly in not being able to give his mind made it a point to vent his ire. The voting was unprecedented. The turnout was astounding. This time the youth and the elite made the difference with the common man towing their line with muted anger. Their resentment was unanimous and pointed.

Here is the taste of their judgment. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the nation`s Home Minister, Kapil Sibal, Law Minister, Pawan Kumar Bansal, Railway minister and that perennial bully Beni Prasad Varma, not to mention Jaipal Reddy, Farooq Abdullah, A Raja, Dayanidhi Maran and a host of others were shown the gate. This galaxy of stalwarts was the pall-bearers of corruption in the corridors of power led by their leader Sonia Gandhi and supported by the yuvaraj Rahul Gandhi. This is the cleansing of the century. The entire Congress has been routed in Seemandhra while it was shoveled back to third place in Telangana, an answer to the belated bravado of the Congress there for beating their chests to deliver the New State. And the Congress was thrown out in 14 states, a history made since independence. Who can say that the voter is not watching and nervously waiting in the wings to express his voice?

Entire BSP has been decimated in UP and SP reduced to single digit, a judgment passed by the voter for their semi-nude sloganeering in the State Assembly in the presence of the patronising Chief Minister.

Lest the hypocrites of the nation talk about `crony` secularism and take the thumping verdict for a ride, voter gave BJP an unassailable majority making for the first time, the need for the opposition forging an alliance to be recognized as such.

The truth can never have two faces. Honesty is a razor edge. The opportunists, who nervously invested in 2002 riots to undercut the value of the present result, were told to shut their mouths.

The voice of the voter is loud and clear. “We were disillusioned and disgusted with these impotent leaders for long. We have vacated the tables for you. Please go ahead with the good work of setting your tables, your rule book and your road map. We are with you!’’ This is an opportunity to BJP and a warning to the others. Kudos to the Voter!

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