Tiruvalluvar. Tiruvalluvar was a great saint of Tamil Nadu.

Tiruvalluvar was a great saint of Tamil Nadu.

He lived long, long ago in Madras.
He was a poor weaver.
Vasuki was his wife. She was very dutiful.
One day Vasuki was drawing water from a well.
Tiruvalluvar called her.
Vasuki left the rope and bucket half way down the well, she hurried to her husband.
Lo! The rope and the bucket hung in mid-air!
Vasuki waited upon her husband, then she returned to the well. She drew up the bucket.
Another day Tiruvalluvar was eating cold rice. He said
to Vasuki, “Will you fan it? It is too hot.”
Vasuki farmed it. Hot steam came from the cold rice!
Such were the powers of the saint.
Tiruvalluvar was also a great poet. He wrote the famous book Tirukkural in Tamil.
It has a great many wise sayings.
Many all over the world read the book.
You can also read it someday and enjoy it
(From Culture Course-BVB)
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