Wave of voting selfies on social media

Wave of voting selfies on social media

Wave of Voting Selfies on Social Media. Ashok Lalla was proud that he was one of the early voters. He was also equally thrilled with his -'straight...

First-time voters feel proud and responsible

Ashok Lalla was proud that he was one of the early voters. He was also equally thrilled with his 'straight and beautiful' ink mark unlike the many 'haphazard' ones that others got on their fingers. “Will flaunt”, he tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Polling in the city was accompanied by a fair amount of vanity as proud voters tweeted, posted and instagrammed their 'voted' status and ink-stained fingers. Accompanying the flood of selfies, fingies or inkies (inked-finger selfies), were self-righteous lines like “I am responsible, are you?” to borrowed smart lines like “The ballot is stronger than the bullet. I have used it.”

First-time voters' enthusiasm reflected in the quality of their Instagram images. While several women had impeccably painted pink or red nails, the others framed their fingers on blue jeans. Couples posed with smiles and fingers on Facebook walls while first-time voter Anushka happily tweeted an image of the SMS with her voter ID details that she got from the Election Commission. "I have voted. Feeling good. Will abuse the bad netas even more," tweeted Anil.

As afternoon set in, Sameera urged people to vote as the list of voting percentages, a measly 35 per cent, was recorded in Telangana. Ostensibly, the appeals were to prevent Hyderabad from having an imaginary failure when compared to the voting share of Bengaluru (54 per cent). Saurav Jain tweeted, “The ones who have posted selfie would get a free like from me today.”

Aarti tweeted a fake pie chart to show why people in Hyderabad were voting. While 'To elect the right candidate' was the least of the reasons, the main motivation was 'To post finger selfies', followed by the urge ‘To make sure the city has a higher turnout than Bengaluru’.

By then the jokes were in full flow as Hyderabad stared at its usual low turnout. Many like Abhishek suggested that "EC should grant free biryani for the people to vote.” But in the end, the city crawled to a turnout of 53.03 per cent, behind Bengaluru.

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