Viral fever plagues Hyderabad

Viral fever plagues Hyderabad

Viral Fever Plagues Hyderabad. According to the data with the DMHO, there has been a sudden spurt in the number of patients across various hospitals in the city.

Cold, cough and other related infections are on the rise

According to the data with the DMHO, there has been a sudden spurt in the number of patients across various hospitals in the city. In the past two weeks, over 10,000 cases have been reported. Of this number, patients at Fever Hospital accounted for 7,884 out-patients and 386 in-patients

Sudden change in the weather has hit the city hard as many hospitals report cases of viral fever in the city. Viral fever which was dormant have sprung up and for the past 15 days, the number of patients being admitted in hospitals due to viral fever and other related ailments have increased exponentially.

Though cholera, jaundice and swine flu are on the decline, spurt in the number of viral fever cases has become a concern for the district medical and health officials. Fever Hospital, Military Hospital (MH), Chest Hospital, Gandhi and Osmania hospitals have seen a tremendous increase in the number of viral fever cases.

According to Indian Meteorological Department, the first two weeks of June saw high temperatures that set a new all-time record for the hottest June days in the city — the maximum temperature on June 10 was 38 degree Celsius. With the onset of monsoon on June 15, the city experienced showers on and off, which lowered temperature to 32 degrees immediately, almost five degrees lower.

According to Lt Col Annamma Mathew, ward in-charge, MH, Secunderabad, “There has been an increase in the number of patients admitted in MH from the past two weeks. More and more Army personnel and their families are getting affected.”

All major government and private hospitals are seeing 80-120 viral fever cases a day

“Apart from government hospitals, viral fever cases are being reported at private hospitals too. Over 10,000 cases have been reported across the city. Initial estimates say that 80 to 120 patients are visiting major private hospitals every day complaining about fever,” said an official with the District Medical and Health Office (DMHO).

Reports suggest that Fever Hospital is seeing about 500 out-patients every day and 30 of them are being admitted with viral fever. Though no deaths have been reported in the city, outskirts have recorded two deaths due to high fever.

Doctors say that more than viral fever, people fear an attack of swine flu. “When fever is combined with cold and cough, most people fear Swine Flu. It’s the lack of awareness that is creating unnecessary fears,” says Dr Satyanarayana, a general physician.

Many point fingers at the lack of awareness camps being organised. So far no such awareness programmes have been organised.

 In patients at Fever Hospital (file photo)

“Viral fevers are on the rise because of sudden spurt in humidity in atmosphere. Monsoon and the dampness associated with it help the virus to grow. Open drains, leakages in drinking water pipelines are among the major reasons for the increase in viral fever,” opined Dr Sasikiran, senior general physician, Yashoda Hospitals.

He adds, “The viral infection stays for at least five days or so. In such a case, intake of lots of fluid is essential along with paracetamol to control fever.”

According to a doctor from the Military Hospital, “Viral fever symptoms are many but most of them are common medical conditions like fatigue, cough and sore throat. We tend to neglect them in the initial stages. Whenever a virus enters human body, it takes its incubation period to multiply itself to such numbers that causes infection. When the body is infected by the virus, the following symptoms may be felt that can establish it to be a viral fever.”

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