No mechanism to diagnose cancer in rural areas

No mechanism to diagnose cancer in rural areas

No mechanism to diagnose cancer in rural areas, TANA, since its inception in 1977, has had spent more than Rs 360 crore ($60 million) on charity and development works in AP and TS.

The Telugu Association of North America (TANA) founded in 1977 in the USA is not only acting as a bridge between Telugu people in India and Telugu immigrants in USA, but is also doing yeomen service to the community by reaching out unto the underprivileged sections in rural Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states by engaging itself in a host of humanitarian activities including adoption of backward villages, development of rural education infrastructure and acting as a beacon of light promoting and showcasing the unique Telugu culture all over the world. Besides, it is also acting as a community facilitator taking up cases of stranded visitors to USA for want of documents, visas and other requirements and moral support. It is also heeding SOS calls of Telugu people who are victims of racial prejudice in places of their migration either for higher studies or jobs and acting as a good Samaritan who can be counted in times of crisis.

About 8-10 lakh Telugu people are migrants in different states of USA. Apart from taking up overseas causes, TANA was founded with the mandate to preserve the Telugu culture and to socialise on cultural and religious lines by meeting on different occasions particularly during festival times by organising cultural celebrations and poojas.

TANA, since its inception in 1977, has had spent more than Rs 360 crore ($60 million) on charity and development works in AP and TS. Over the years. schools, temples, libraries and several community assets were renovated and reconstructed adding a semblance of ambiance, dignity and high quality services to the common people. Besides, a lot had been spent on community health and on creating awareness and basic infrastructure in rural areas.

In 2013 project 'Team Square' was invented by TANA’s current president Nannapaneni Mohan under which scholarships were given to 12,500 students with amounts ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. Similarly Indian students in the US are given four scholarships per year.

TANA since December 2014 had sponsored cataract operations to 40,000 people by conducting 17 medical camps in AP and TS. It had also conducted folk arts festival in Nellore, Narsapur, Khammam and Guntur.

TANA president Mohan expressed dismay at the lack of cancer diagnostic mechanism in rural areas. During a screening camp where 1,000 patients had been screened, about 20 persons were tested positive and 5 per cent are in early stages of cancer.

Asked to differentiate between US and India on social attitudes, Mohan replied, “People in the US have the attitude of "How can I help you?” whereas people in India ask “Why should I help you?” There is absolutely no corruption in government offices and people's problems are addressed without the need for any agitation. There is hardly any political activity except during elections and there are no law and order problems being faced on account of any people's movements or agitations unlike in India,” he said.

By: Ravi P Benjamin

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