Scientific approach to art

Scientific approach to art

French artist Jean-Luc Feugas displays his works in a solo exhibition ‘Désordre’ at Kalakriti Art Gallery

French artist Jean-Luc Feugas displays his works in a solo exhibition ‘Désordre’ at Kalakriti Art Gallery

Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled ‘Désordre’ by Jean-Luc Feugeas. For over a decade Jean-Luc Feugeas from Bordeaux, France, has been expressing his ideas on canvas with the background of sounds, shapes and microscopic thought-process due to his experience in mathematics and music.

Being a mathematician, Jean conducts research programmes in a group of theoretical physics at the University of Bordeaux. Jean says, “My scientific thinking on entropy, order and disorder, chaos and equilibrium are reflected in my art process. When I talk about ‘equilibrium’, it means how a simple glass of water can make us feel that the inside water content is at peace. But actually, if a scientific detailing is done, one is able to see the disorder in which thousands of minute particles are moving helter-skelter within the very water that looks so calm.

“For me, there is always a contrast of what looks to be in order and that which invariably has a peculiar kind of disorder within. Similar is the case of thinking about certain patterns which have a twofold outlook.”

Among his works there are some series of paintings where the drawings have been made with a single line. He says, “It’s also, in contrast, to seeing the alternate of two colours bringing in the aspect of empty/full, black/white, etc. For me, the journey of art has been deeply influenced by my day to day work and scientific study which includes ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Physics’. At times mixed media brings out the element of ‘surface tension’, which could be an order or disorder in itself.”

“Art is a simple democratic process and it’s all about the abstract or real, the seen or unseen, the hidden or the visible form; very much two-fold,” Jean signs off.

What: ‘Désordre’ - An exhibition by Jean-Luc Feugeas.
Where: Kalakriti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills.
When: Till February 15.
Time: From 10 am to 7 pm.

Jaywant Naidu

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