Math to be a child’s play: Anushray Gupta

Math to be a child’s play: Anushray Gupta

It is an innovation, which is being hailed by every student of mathematics because of the immense resourcefulness it brings about, particularly for the learner.

It is an innovation, which is being hailed by every student of mathematics because of the immense resourcefulness it brings about, particularly for the learner.

The new math-made-easy programme, Cuemath, not only helps students in learning the core mathematical concepts the easy way but also enhances their analytical skills by way of various puzzles and workbooks that come with the programme.

Cuemath has been developed by an IIT Delhi graduate, Manan Khurma, who wanted to make it interesting and educative for students of KG to Class VIII.

What makes Cuemath unique is that, unlike all the different math applications available in the market, it is not self-learning.

A Cuemath teacher who is specially trained on its platform will help the kids in understanding the tough concepts in an easy way.

In an interaction with The Young Hans, Anushray Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Cuemath shares about how they benefit the students and teachers alike.

What made you start Cuemath?
The fact of the matter is that most of students fear math in our academic system. This is because they either have a pre-determined notion that math is hard or the fear that the faculty is not qualified enough. It is very unfortunate that with an increase in the classroom, numbers, teachers find it tough to concentrate on each and every student. That is also one of the reasons why guardians send their wards to tuitions so that they should be left lagging behind in the subject. More than mere mugging, it has to be understood in its totality.

What separates Cuemath from the classroom learning or math apps that have flooded the market?
First of all, it is not an e-learning app. it covers multiple parts of curriculum, apart from the school concepts. Cuemath also provides printed workbooks, puzzle cards, and handheld models of different thermos.

Is Cuemath for all the academic boards or is it only for a select few?
Apart from ICSE and CBSE, Cuemath finds relevance in all State Boards.

Why should a student prefer Cuemath trainers over traditional teachers?
Cuemath teachers are highly qualified, well-trained and certified Cuemath partners. The teacher partners are handpicked from a vast pool of highly qualified and educated women who are looking to switch or revive their careers. After undergoing the screening process they are trained and made to appear for multiple assessments before being certified. This ensures quality and credibility of their home-based Cuemath centers. The teacher partners are provided with Cuemath’s proprietary learning system to conduct classes and administrative systems to manage and grow their centers. We have more than 2,000 centres spread across the country. We intend to shatter all myths and make math the favorite subject of children.

Why is Cuemath, only for KG to Class VIII kids?
In this competitive world, students of Class IX, X, XI and XII are racing against time to catch up with their ITT-JEE and other engineering dreams. Be it IIT-JEE or any other entrance exam, students should not only have good math skills but also posses analytical and reasoning skills. This is where Cuemath scores, It imparts these skills even before they enter IX standard and that is what make stand out in mathematics.

Are you planning to start your own math curriculum?
It is an idea we pursuing. However, we are not thinking about it for the next two-three years. Firstly we want to establish Cuemath as a successful platform and make students math-ready. The other things can wait.

By Vaishnavi Girish

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