Asaduddin Owaisi, MP, inaugurating Peshawar Restaurant in the city recently
Asaduddin Owaisi, MP, inaugurating Peshawar Restaurant in the city recently

Hyderabad: Food is to the body, as wisdom is to the soul. Food is essential to life, therefore we must make it good. Hyderabad a city of variety of food, have immense love for contemporary as well as traditional dishes. The country known for its traditional dishes, has a legacy and each of them has a unique touch given by its people.  

Gratifying to the traditional love of the people in Hyderabad Mohd Abdul Moid ventured into a traditionally inspired restaurant – Peshawar which aims at mixing flavors beyond boundaries. Peshawar serves all kinds of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and  Continental. 

Moid unfolded his journey of setting aside boundaries through food armed with degree in  Engineering and Masters in Interior & Architecture, Mohid set out on  a road less travelled & ventured out into hospitality and started his first café, Central Perk.

Peshawar’s special on their menu are its distinctive Peshawari delights like ‘Mutton Charsi Tikka’, ‘Namkeen Gosht’, ‘Balauchi Chicken’, ‘Peshawari Yakhni Pulao’, and ‘Chapli Kebab’. The dishes are among those childhood favorites of Mohd Abdul Moid made by his grandmother who was from Peshawar. 

As Moid said: ‘ Food always had a special place in my heart. This was mainly because of my family. I think of myself as a part of those people who see talent around them and grow from it. I am glad to see myself grow so much today that I am unveiling my second venture.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by fantastic, talented people who I can proudly call ‘my team’. For me, the credit of my success goes fully to my team. The grand occasion saw the presence of M P Asaduddin Owaisi and many other celebrities.