Healthy Skin Care Regime

Healthy Skin Care Regime

Healthy Skin Care Regime, Face Wash and Moisturiser, Healthy Skin Care. A daily skin care ritual that combats the pollution and daily environmental damage to your skin is a must in today’s busy lifestyle.

A daily skin care ritual that combats the pollution and daily environmental damage to your skin is a must in today’s busy lifestyle. As a part of routine cleansing, people settle for a face wash and moisturiser which do not clean beyond the skin’s surface, and cannot makeup residue and repair the damage due to exposure to the sun. Inappropriate cleaning techniques and wrong choice of products can further damage your skin. A simple three step skincare regimen can do wonders to the skin retaining the youthfulness of the skin – Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer (CTM).
Cleanser – Step1: Cleansing dirt, make up and excess oil, leaves the skin soft fresh and clean. This process opens the pores and allows deep pore cleansing. A natural cleansing agent gently whisks away the debris without stripping the skin. A good cleanser gently cleans your skin without clogging pores
How to choose a cleanser?
A gentle exfoliator like oat extract optimizes skin moisture level
How to apply a cleanser?
Wash your face and apply a cleanser all over your face and neck. Evenly spread it across and gently massage with your figures. Wash it clean and dry it before the application of the toner.
Toner – Step 2: Cleanser is followed by toner which brings the pores back to the normal size along with improving Skin PH balance. It also optimizes the skin’s ability to control oil through the day and prepares the skin for moisture.
How to choose a toner?
Contains ingredients that improves PH balance of skin such as Acerola Cherry Fiber, alcohol free, hydrating and anti-bacterial property
How to apply a toner?
Wet a cotton swab / pad with the toner, evenly dab it all over your face and neck followed by application of moisturizer.
Moisturiser – Step 3 : The final step includes moisturising to prevent skin from drying or becoming too oily. It acts as a shield and defends from environmental assaults and UV rays.
How to choose a moisturiser?
The best moisturisers contains Hydro Lipid Matrix (helps hydrate, smooth, and protect against moisture loss), Anti-Oxidant and SPF 15 (Application of a pack made of curd mixed with 3-4 drops of honey (keep it for 10 minutes) temporarily moisturizes the skin, but such home remedies does not have anti-oxidants/ sun protection)
For people with different skin type : Those with combination skin or oily skin should look for a balancing element in the product that controls surface oil and improves hydration level, while a normal or dry skin should go for a hydrating product that maintains optimal moisture levels of healthy skin.
Skin is an excellent indicator of one’s inner health and proper diet will help maintain youthfulness of the skin. Besides having plenty of water that helps maintain the hydration level of the skin, food with vitamin ACDE rich in anti- oxidants and protein is important to nurture healthy skin.
Nutrition advice: Fruits and vegetable rich in water content such melons, cucumber, leafy and green veggies, citrus fruits such as orange, lemon etc. Nuts and dry fruits rich in Vitamin E along with food source high in protein such soya, grams etc. -The writer is a beauty expert from Amway India

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