Natural remedies for acne

Natural remedies for acne

Irritation on the surface of the skin usually provokes a strong urge to scratch the area and can eventually cause scars and blemishes that are difficult to cure.

Acne is a common occurance troubling several teenagers today. Here is how to deal with it efffectively

Acne is a very common human skin disease whose effects can be seen on the face, neck, upper part of the chest and shoulders. Popularly known as pimples, some acne cause severe irritation and some don’t.

Irritation on the surface of the skin usually provokes a strong urge to scratch the area and can eventually cause scars and blemishes that are difficult to cure. It is therefore imperative to go for the right kind of acne scar treatment and nothing is better than a natural one. With our grandmother’s ancient home - made solutions to the individually experienced remedies across the world, a wide range of natural cures for acne scar treatment is available at one’s disposal. Although the effectiveness of the cure varies with the different kinds of skin types; it also depends on the intensity of the disease.

Mostly occurring at an age group which we call ‘adolescent’, acne can become a cause of concern for higher age groups as well.

From external factors such as pollution, dust and humidity to reasons like oily skin or deficiency of various vitamins and minerals, causes of acne can be widely ranged. In addition to this, hormonal changes, excessive stress and genetic history can also cause acne. While a mild infection can soon fade away on its own, severe acne can lead to scarring which is caused when a wound is in the process of being healed.For those who are fortunate enough, it may take a short time for the scars to fade away, but in most cases it takes very long. But the wide range of natural methods of acne scar treatment ensures some cure for each one of us.

Those who do not trust the plethora of products available in the market for acne shouldn’t lose hope of finding a cure. Many natural remedies offer a slow but fool-proof solution to stubborn acne scars. Natural in their nature of healing, unlike strong chemical products, are absolutely safe to use on all skin types. The constituents of a homemade acne scar treatment can vary depending on their availability and the skin type.

The basic remedy which is acclaimed world – wide is to drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep all kinds to toxicity at bay and your skin hydrated at all times. This unfailing option is a part of acne scar treatment that nourishes the skin from within and helps generate new layers of skin that eventually displace the scar and leave your face flawless and glowing.

Keep your skin clean
For those who like to use make up such as a daily foundation, it is important to avoid oil - based products that can further the clogging of skin pores and obstruct the natural healing of acne scars. Before going in for a facial product, check out its label to make sure that the ingredients are bearable by your skin type. Strong chemicals such as lanolin’s, isopropyl myristate, sodium lauryl sulfate, laureth-4, and D & C red dyes are present in most products and can slow down your acne scar treatment. Nonetheless if you happen to use them, make sure you remove the makeup as soon as you can, to let the affected areas breathe fresh again. A small amount of cotton soaked in rose water and lemon, which is a natural astringent and anti - bacterial agent, can gently and effectively remove all dirt and make up without causing further scratching of acne wounds and inflammation. This improves your chances of treatment of acne scar tremendously.

Limit your exposure to direct sunlight, since the harmful UVA rays can add to pigmentation and tanning and sunscreens tend to block the skin pores making your skin oily and attracting more dirt to settle on it. A home – made scrub made from apricots or other easily available fruit extracts can prove beneficial for acne scar treatment and prevention of acne. Many herbal scrubbers help to exfoliate dead cells and help new skin to surface. Scrubbing on a regular basis, twice a week, followed by a suitable toner can be an effective acne scar treatment.

Eat a well -balanced diet
It is surprising to note how the constituents that are included in our daily meals for a balanced diet are equally effective in acne scar treatment done externally. Easily accessible and cheaply priced, veggies as basic as a tomato are claimed to be extremely effective in removal of acne scars. A regular application of tomato slices or tomato juice can make a noticeable change to our skin.

Powdered raw or uncooked oats are usually mixed with water and honey in order to make a thick paste. This can be applied on affected areas for about half an hour till it dries off. Another such acne scar treatment technique is to mix oatmeal, yogurt and sour cream with a few drops of lemon juice. This is extremely good for dry skin types. A well blended mix of baking soda and water, if applied on one’s face for fifteen minutes followed by a light moisturiser, can give best results. The traditional acne scar treatment also includes paste of orange peels grinded with water which has medicinal value.

Other home remedies for acne
Another very common method of acne scar treatment is the rubbing of ice – cubes on the affected areas to repress inflammation and allow a gradual erasure of scars.

Many herbs such as mint and aloe vera are an inevitable part of natural remedy for acne scars. Peppermint is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent; it also contains menthol and thus helps sooth the affected areas while gently healing the wounded scars.

Applying mint juice also helps relieve pain caused by inflammation and itching. Lemon juice can help get rid of breakouts for a number of reasons. It is rich in vitamin C, which is good for all types of skin, and it’s a citric acid, so it helps ‘exfoliate’ the skin as well. Most importantly though, it is an astringent. An astringent will cause a contraction of body tissues, and will therefore dry out the blemish itself. It is also a natural skin whitener, which helps reduce redness.

If you misplace a dab you may get a little white spot, but don’t panic- it will go away on its own accord. Rinse off any lemon juice before going out in the sun, as it may make you more sensitive to it. Aloe vera on the other hand is renowned for its natural medicinal qualities beneficial for skin and is in fact widely used in most cosmetic and beauty products all over the world.

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