A stroke of reality on art

A stroke of reality on art

A Stroke of Reality on Art, Meta Matters’ at Salarjung Museum. When most of the artists are experimenting with their art work using various...

When most of the artists are experimenting with their art work using various media, his art work is making a difference because of its subject which is an amalgamation of imagination with the impact of reality. As artist Manohar Chiluveru showcases his collection of art work titled ‘Meta Matters’ at Salarjung Museum, he shares his thought about the happening around us and how his thought process was inspired by legends like, John Lennon's ‘Give peace a chance’, Picasso's painting ‘Guernica’ and Michael Jackson's ‘Earth song’

When did you start your journey as an artist?

I think I had an interest from the beginning. Since I was never brilliant at studies, painting was the only happy time for me as kid. I had no choice but to engage myself in art. Later, I developed my interest in art to such a level that I joined fine arts for higher studies. Talking about my first solo exhibition, I think it was in my college first year, 1992 that I showcase my work for the first time.

Every art piece tells a different story in your work. What was the main concept that drives you to end up with this art work?

Yes, you are right, every piece of works are story within. But my idea of work is to explore the spontaneity & ideas in the mind, experience of action in competition with thought process are main aspect of the work. Whatever is happening around us I observe them with open eyes and a sensible mind. I think that reflects in my work.

However, when I execute them, there are two ways that I follow rather those are my driven force. They are either the idea that raise the question in my mind that where does the idea come from? Or, an incident that begins with spontaneity and ends with idea. My aim is to express my artistic engagement with the reference to my time, rather than point at a single issue, facilitate a chance to revisit once own experiences and aesthetic pleasure.

You have used various elements differently to convey your message. For instance, what is the reason of using newspaper on ‘Scrow’ or significance of water tap on a human face for your ‘Meta blog’?

Well, the water tap signifies the consumption, utility, need and thrust. The ideas is to create a kind of physiological discomfort of placing a tap in an unexpected place and create chance to evoke questions and answers in one’s own mind. On the other hand, newspaper stands for the source of information in our daily life. I always prefer to use elements of our daily life in a constructive manner to bring a touch of reality.

Most of your art work in this exhibition deals with global issues and social changes. What makes you to take up issues like global warming?

Since I am a dreamer, I would like see the world as a beautiful planet. When I look around, where are many things I do not understand that creates question in my mind that influence my thought process. It is needless to say that reflects on my art work.

My work refers to the mystical time we are living in and standing for, every day we are bombarded with lot of information from entertainment to celebration and invention to destruction. Every day hundreds & thousands of intellectuals around the world are doing research, inventing things, providing the world with brand new facilities; even then we are yet to make the planet a secure place for existence. There are many questions left unanswered like, global warming, green peace issues.

I raise such issues in my art work with an expectation of the viewers’ involvement that can impact their thought, so that they can take a stand on problems to bring a change around. I believe viewers are artists, without the viewers’ encounter or involvement the work of art is complete.

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