Koloji, Aarudhra and Dasarathi Krishnamacharyulu. 
Koloji, Aarudhra and Dasarathi Krishnamacharyulu. 

In an attempt to create awareness about our Telugu writers and poets, artist Kurella Srinivas from Nalgonda district, is exhibiting his latest art works at Mahaswheta Devi cultural venue in Hyderabad Book Fair.

Kurella Srinivas’s art works reflects a whole gamut of nature, people and especially rural subjects.

 In his present show he is showcasing the 20 great poets of both Telugu states.

About his inspiration he says, “I am inspired by Chittaprosad Bhattacharya, an artist from Kolkata, who portrayed many pictures in Telangana at the time of Telangana Sayudha Poratam.

 He came from Kolkata and travelled to many areas in Telangana and made many paintings.”

Today, many people do not know about our great poets and writers.

 He selected 20 top poets and writers in 15 days and painted them against the background of their work.

 He says, “I selected poets and writers like Sri Sri, Aarudra, Gurram Jashuva, Suravaram Pratapareddy, Makdum Moyinuddin, Dasaradhi Krishnamacharya, Potana, Alishetty Prabhakar, Dasaradhi Rangacharya, Suddala Hanumanthu, Somasundhar, Samala Sada Shiva, Shivasagar, Ravela Venkata Rama Rao, Jwala Mukhi, Cherabanda Raju and Alishetty Prabhakar and more.

 These 20 people inspired people through their works and speeches,” adds Srinivas.
He says, “Hyderabad Book Fair is a good venue to display my works about our great poets and writers.

 Some people are asking me about these writers, which is a good sign.

 Most of them do not know about Bandi Yadagiri; who was famous for the song “bandenaka bandi katti padaharu bandlu katti”. You will not get his images even online. But here, I portrayed his song through images,” he adds.

Explaining about his work, he shares, “In my painting first I portrayed the writer’s or poet’s image.

 Then in the background, I painted their great work.

For example in poet Gurram Jashuva’s work I painted his famous work ‘Gabbilam’ in the background.

 By seeing his image every one automatically recollects his work.

 I am also planning to do my next exhibition about our Telugu women writers and poets,” he concluded.