Break Forth Into Joy
Break Forth Into Joy

A group of 49 choristers with ages ranging from 18 to 82, were united by their commitment to spread the message of peace, love and harmony, through music during Christmas. And together they rendered 16 songs that included selections from classical music, semi-classical music, and lighter Christmas music, as well as a Hindi and Telugu Christmas song. Towards ended with a short session of community singing of well-known Christmas carols. The theme for this year was ‘Break Forth Into Joy’. Started in a small way in 2006, this year’s concert on December 13 makes it the 13th consecutive performance of The Festival Choristers in the twin cities. 

The Festival Choristers is an ecumenical group of singers and instrumentalists drawn from different faiths, walks of life and ages. Participation is entirely voluntary, and admission is by invitation. Each year the composition of the group changes, though there are a few who have sung or accompanied the Choristers on instruments from the beginning.

Dr Susheel Pakyanadhan, who conducted the choir is the Head of the Department of Pathology at Shadaan Medical College. He travels to the US often but adjusts his time so that he can conduct the Festival Choristers every year.  The accompanist, Dr. Naveen Cecil Elias, dons many hats – he has his own hospital and music school, teaches French at the Alliance Francaise and is a musician par excellence. Not only is he an accomplished pianist, he has also composed the scores for the Hindi song we sing this year as well as the scores for the second keyboard and the saxophone. 

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