7 most useful things about Telangana household Survey

7 most useful things about Telangana household Survey

August 19th Telangana Survey Form, Intensive Household Survey. Telangana is preparing to carry out a household survey the like of which has never been attempted before.

Telangana is preparing to carry out a household survey the like of which has never been attempted before. The target of this census is to create a brand new database about the state's residents so that spurious beneficiaries can be removed from enjoying the benefit of welfare schemes.

Clearing the air the government has declared a public holiday on August 19 and that there will be no second chance to submit declaration on household information.
Here are few doubts which are clarified by Government officials
Holiday - The government's holiday mandate includes private organizations and the government will take action on the offending organizations. All organizations in Telangana have to declare August 19th as a holiday to all Telangana employees.
Presence of family members - The survey officer will deem only those who are in the house when they visit, so every member of the family needs to be present. However, you may need to provide evidence to prove the valid reason for their absence of those family members
If someone is working or studying at other locations, the family should provide proof of the same. The family should also show evidence that those away will visit their home town within one year. Otherwise, the survey officer will not consider them as part of the household.
Families live in a single house – If multiple families live in a single house; the survey will consider them as different families. However, if there is only one kitchen serving all then the survey will document them as a single family
Financial status of family – Village servant and VAO’s will help the survey officer in verifying the financial status of family. So, even if a family provides erroneous information, the survey officers can handle
Survey officers – The government will train all 4 lakh survey officers before the 19th. To ensure personal vendettas don’t impact the data, the government is assigning non-local survey officers.
Survey forms - All the sheets, filled or unfilled, will be handed over to the special village officer by the end of the day. The government will scan all the survey sheets and store them in a computer database as images -- in JPEG format to avoid manipulating data
Survey Questions - All the questions posed by the officer needs to be answered which will be cross-checked against the Aadhaar records. Visit this post to get a look at sample forms.
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