WhatsApp forward message reunites man with long-lost family
WhatsApp forward message reunites man with long-lost family

 Bengaluru : It was a surprising and shocking turn of events for Mahaveer Singh Chauhan, when he woke up from a state of unconsciousness in a hospital, only to be greeted by his long-lost son who he hadn't seen twenty years. The story starts twenty years back, when Chauhan had abandoned his wife and two kids out of shame for facing losses in his business. His father, a well-known man in the village of Jhab launched a search mission but gave up. 

Mahaveer Singh moved to Bangalore where he lived for twenty years. His friends said he rarely spoke of his family and only revealed that he had a wife and two kids when he was hospitalised. Shocked at his revelation, his friends took it upon themselves to find the man's family. They took a picture of him and circulated his image along with his story on WhatsApp groups mainly concerning Rajasthanis. Within two hours, Chauhan's son identified himself to his friends and took a flight to Bengaluru to see his father. 

Upon meeting his son, Chauhan expressed that he has no guilt left in life and would like to go back to his homeland. Mahaveer Singh is currently recuperating and will be taken to his home once recovered.

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