Kumaraswamy constantly takes a hit at Yeddyurappa
Kumaraswamy constantly takes a hit at Yeddyurappa

BENGALURU: On Thursday the chief minister HD Kumaraswamy took a swing at the opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa, by saying that it was his party which is insecure about its MLAs.

Kumaraswamy said that, “Yeddyurappa has been criticizing Congress and JD(S) for its inability to keep MLAs together, but you have kept your MLAs in confinement while ours roamed free.”

By taking another hit at the opposition party, the CM said they had promised some kranti (revolution) by the 15th of January. “Instead of doing some kranti they have done some bhranthi (illusion),” Kumaraswamy said.

Constantly hitting at Yeddyurappa for criticising his visit to a foreign country along with his family on New Year's eve when the state was facing challenges with a drought, Kumaraswamy asked the BJP chief if his party MLAs have helped the situation in any manner by staying in a five-star hotel. “Are Yeddyurappa and the party taking stock of the drought situation sitting in a five-star hotel? Has the situation in Karnataka improved now?” he asked.

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