Marriage regrets revealed

Marriage regrets revealed

Marriage Regrets Revealed. One Reader Said That She Regretted Settling For Less Than What She Deserved

Washington: Have you ever pondered over your failed marriage. Did you think of all the things you could have done in a different and better way?

The Huffington Post asked its readers to share their biggest marriage regrets. The readers shared their regretts

One reader said that she regretted settling for less than what she deserved, always justifying her husband's unacceptable behavior, and forgiving too many inexcusable things for the sake of their marriage.

While one commented that she regretted fighting for love even when her partner pushed her away, another said that they regretted entering a love-less marriage.

Not trying harder to work things out, rushing into marriage, not having separate bank accounts, marrying someone with a history of walking out and becoming complacent were also listed on the biggest marriage regrets.

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