Why do we hate someone?

Why do we hate someone?

Why do we hate someone? Coming to the dictionary definition of what this word means, let me say, hatred means intense hostility and dislike.

Coming to the dictionary definition of what this word means, let me say, hatred means intense hostility and dislike. In this context, I don’t refer to the hatred that comes wherein someone does something bad to you; I refer to the hatred which actually is something we feel instinctively about someone without even knowing anything about them.

In our daily life, we have many people whom we hate for no reason. We criticize them and bully them for no reason. And after a period of time, it becomes a hobby kind of thingy to us, to just hate someone and make fun of them without even knowing completely about them.

After feeling this kind of emotion, this innate hatred against many people, I’ve started analyzing this feeling. Why and for what reason does it happened? Why do we, why do I need to hate someone without any particular reason? At first, we are inclined towards hating them. And from then, we start finding and digging things about people to hate them in more innovative ways. After introspecting about this tendency for many days, I’ve started noticing something peculiar. Maybe its jealousy, not purely or completely, but hell yes! It is surely some kind of feeling which is belonging to the genre of jealousy. And the irony is many of us never realize this fact!

We actually figure out some quality or whatsoever it is in the people we hate, which we lack or which we are incapable of. We notice something peculiar, we feel envious. A tinge of jealousy arises. And then, we start bitching. We start hating them and we be like’ “Hey! You know what? She’s such an XYZ” Or whatsoever. Jokes apart, this is what actually happens. We inherently hate them and we don’t notice this. But we constantly keep hating them and causing problem for them and as well as us. So, before you hate someone, question yourself,” Why do I hate him/her?” Make sure you find a definite answer. And hell! Hating someone never gives a pleasurable experience. On the contrary, how about talking or meeting someone else? How about getting to know strangers? That’ll give you a lot of pleasure actually.

Hating is a waste of energy. Better be happy than to contemplate about someone and have no peace of mind.

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