Tips for a gluten-free lifestyle

Tips for a gluten-free lifestyle

Tips for a gluten-free lifestyle, Do you feel bloated after a meal? Do you often feel drained, dull, and tired?

Do you feel bloated after a meal? Do you often feel drained, dull, and tired? Does your stomach feel stiff after eating? It could well be gluten intolerance.
Speaking of food evolution, gluten was introduced to human diet much later. Human-beings as a species are still new to gluten and, in all probability, our system does not support the ingestion of it. But changing your lifestyle and removing gluten from your diet is not easy.
Read the labels before you buy. Get smart and meticulous with product labels. If a label does not specifically say “gluten-free” then it may have gluten in it. Call the toll free customer service line and get a clarification.
Check your pantry. All your favourite foods like malt, soy sauce, and food preservatives may have gluten in them. You may want to stop buying off-the-shelf products and start making the same products at home. It is quite easy to make soy milk and soy sauce at home. Make it on a weekend and stock it up.
Are there any gluten-free restaurants? Most fast food eateries are not gluten-free. Find out if there any restaurants that are gluten-free. If you are feeling drowsy after easting pizzas, burgers, and breads then it could be because of gluten in it. It is time to choose health over taste and say ‘NO’ to them.
Can you customize? A few restaurants may be willing to customize dishes for you. Speak to the manager and explain that you are allergic to gluten. Ask if they can customize the dish minus the gluten!
Order online. Many online stores stock gluten-free sauces, pasta, cookies, pizzas and snacks in addition to other products that normally contain gluten.
Gluten-free does not mean calorie free. Even though you will be cutting some foods from your diet, gluten-free food contains calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein, similar to their gluten counterparts. You are eliminating gluten from your life as a strategy for better health. Don't counter it by eating too much gluten-free food. Watch your portions!
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