Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

We all dream to achieve success and chase passion in our lives, but there are only few people who actually take chances in order to chase the passion. 

Anamika Mishra at the age of 26, she is living a dream. She has authored 2 novels till now including the bestselling novel VoiceMates which has been published by Jaico books. 

“VoiceMates was a game changer in my career!” says Mishra. It is an inspiring novel that narrates of story of an introvert girl Tulip who harbors a secret passion for singing. Author took a leaf from her own life to write this book. “I completed my studies from Amity University, worked in a radio station for 20 days and left that job because I was not happy working as a RJ. I wanted to become an author and by that time, I realized that this is all what I should be doing. I realized I can not wait for a perfect time to arrive. Perfect time to work for my dreams is now!” Adds Anamika.

She is a motivational speaker and have delivered talks in prestigious organizations like IBM, Accenture, Amity University and BBD. She is a loyal follower of Robin Sharma take him as her role model. She inspires people to chase their dreams and work for their passion. She helps people in unleashing the winner within them. Her witty persona, positive aura and attractive personality has helped her gained popularity amongst youth. As she is young and just 26, youngters connect with her in a better way. This young Indian Robin Sharma aims to inspire people from all across the globe to chase their passion and be successful in life.

Mishra is also a lifestyle and travel blogger and living a life of her dreams. 

“I am thankful to God for making my dreams come true, but I believe it is not just a matter of luck. I have put efforts and have worked day and night to reach at this point. Still have got miles to go and inspire millions! Touch wood!” adds Anamika as she gives a bright and positive smile.