6 Kinds of Earrings Every Girl Must Own in 2018
6 Kinds of Earrings Every Girl Must Own in 2018

Earrings are the most important accessory for every woman. There are various types of earrings available. Some of them are traditional, while some others are casual. Women generally own several pairs of earrings to match with different outfits. Trendy designs are being introduced every year, but these are some earring designs every woman must own in their jewellery box.

  1. Diamond Studs
Every woman loves diamond accessories. It is the dream of every girl to own a diamond stud in her life. This is the most popular type you can wear with any type of outfit and it will keep you moderate and classy at the same time. Wear it with formal as well as casual attires and get the versatile look everywhere. You can own a pair of clear-cut diamond with beautiful designs. Make your look royal with diamond studs. You can choose the material from gold or silver according to your budget and needs.

  1. Evergreen Jhumkas
This is one of the most popular traditional accessories every girl can use. The origin of this design is from South India and now it is very popular worldwide. Its shape will look like a bell or cone. This is the perfect choice to pair with traditional dresses and now you can even get contemporary designs to pair with modern outfits. It will always be a trendy accessory that will last long.

  1. Clip Earrings
Some girls love to wear small studs and clip earrings are the perfect choice for them. Clip earrings are like studs that will be attached to your ear. There are many designs and varieties available. The most popular clip earring designs come embedded with stones. Get the most beautiful clip earring design that you can match with all types of dresses.

  1. Shoulder Dusting Danglers
Danglers are of various types and this is the perfect option you can get to match with any attire. Various dangler earrings are available in different lengths. The most popular one is made of stones. They are also known as drops. The length of the dangler will vary and you can choose as per your choice. If you can get the perfect matching necklace with it, then the look will be complete. Wear this piece of earrings to get the perfect trendy look with gowns.

  1. Hoop Earrings
Hoop earrings are one of the oldest types of earrings. Women used to wear hoop earrings made of gold in plain designs. Now, a wide variety of designs is available with beautiful embellishments in gold. You can choose the diameter of hoop as per your preference. This is suitable for almost all occasions and matches with every outfit.

  1. Chandbalis
If you are looking for the perfect earring design to wear with saris and anarkali suits, then chandbalis are the best. The shape of balis is semi-circular and it comes adorned with beautiful precious stones and gems. Various colours and designs are available and you can enhance your elegance with a pair of this chandbalis earring.

If you don’t have any of these earring designs in your jewellery box, do consider adding the missing piece to your collection so that it is complete.  

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