Whole Fats, a Path to Fertility!
Whole Fats, a Path to Fertility!

Summers are here and so is the time to satiate all your cravings, jump yourself into some lip-smacking ice creams to beat the heat. Also, all the prospective mothers out there, who are having a hard time to conceive, must splurge themselves into tubs of ice creams.

Women trying to get pregnant must eliminate the low-fat dairy products and gratify themselves with high-fat dairy foods. High-fat dairy products include butter, ghee, ice-creams, kulfi, rabdi, cheese, eggs, whole milk and much more.

These whole fat dairy products strip off the fertility benefits while turning them into fat-free products and raise the level of hormones that interfere with female body parts. The whole fat products also produce enhanced testosterone levels in men. 

Ice creams can prove to be very beneficial for those trying to be pregnant but it is advised to make it a temporary method to get pregnant and not inculcate it as permanent lifestyle change. This change can often lead to obesity and further into numerous health issues. Also, while adopting this method, one should eliminate other high saturated fat foods from your diet as the body is receiving enough fats.

If women, who are trying to conceive have full fat or good saturated fat foods then these would surely result in best hormonal levels in her body. Whole fat foods would be more productive rather than having low-fat foods, which would impair and invite hormonal imbalances. This would help in maintaining hormonal levels which are essential for fertility.

Many women switch to low-fat dairy products as a way to upkeep with their social and fashionable notions. They turn down the fatty products and always want the weighing machine to look perfect, ignoring and compromising to what their body requires.

However, consuming low-fat products might actually affect fertility. The effect on fertility requires attention and is a situation of grave concern. Ice creams are the best and the scrumptious way to deal with this problem of infertility, and shall serve as a best savor, too. Women must find a right balance between low fat for fitness and full fat for fertility

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and Founder, International Fertility Centre.

About Dr. Rita Bakshi:  

Senior infertility specialist & gynecologist Dr. Rita Bakshi is the chairperson of International Fertility Centre. She sees herself as a catalyst, which has helped illuminate the lives of many by her passion of treating infertile couples while quenching their search for a bundle of joy in their lives.

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