Did You Know That Intimacy Helps You Love You Partner - Here are the ways to build intimacy with your partner
Did You Know That Intimacy Helps You Love You Partner - Here are the ways to build intimacy with your partner

Intimacy is the sense if your partner knowing and loving you, despite your drawbacks. For some, intimacy could even mean just the happiness they experience when they see their partner at home, after a long day of work. Let’s take a look at few tips to build intimacy with your partner.

Disclose more and get closer
Disclose more about yourself, your childhood and good and bad times you had in your life. Your partner may be keen on hearing it and even he/she may end up disclosing his/her life as well.

Find time for intimate 
Conversations: Reveal to your partner if something he/she said had hurt you or made you happy or joyous. Sharing your emotions can make you and your partner more closer.

Do something New together:
You may have a common goal like saving up to buy a new house or car. Both of you may save money. When you achieve the dream, it would provide you immense joy and make you more close to your spouse.

Give credits/ compliments 
Whenever Needed: most people see the achievements of their spouse and tend to ignore it. This should not be practised. Instead, offer compliments or appreciation whenever you witness the achievements of your spouse.

Increase comfort levels:
If you are a newly married couple, communicate well and start getting comfortable with each other. Share your past life experiences, good or bad with each other until you become intimate.

Things That Ruin Intimacy With Your Partner 
Lack Of Time: Your work schedule doesn’t match with your partners work schedule. So the time both of you get is less. This could serve as a barrier for your intimacy. 

Comparing Behaviour: you may compare your behaviour with that of your partners when you were dating. The change in behaviour may make you feel like you don’t get much attention now.

Unsettled Arguments: Arguments should end or the couple should compromise. If there are endless arguments, it may be a waste of time and energy and intimacy may also decline.

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