High levels of sunshine Vitamin helps to Boost your workout routine!
High levels of sunshine Vitamin helps to Boost your workout routine!

High levels of Vitamin D are linked to better exercise capacity. A new research suggests it can also make the lungs and heart more efficient as well.

As, we all know vitamin D is good for bones, brain and proven for great for your heart. Now, new research suggests that it may also give your workout routine a boost. People with higher levels of vitamin D tend to be more physically fit.

A recent study looked at cardiorespiratory fitness, a measure of how efficiently the heart and lungs supply oxygen to the muscles during exercise. People with higher cardiorespiratory fitness can exercise longer and harder, and they also tend to live longer and healthier lives.

For the study, researchers compared the vitamin D levels are cardio respiratory fitness levels measured by a thread mill test of nearly 2,000 adults ages 20 to 49 who took part in a nation wide study from 2001 to 2004.

They found that people in the top quartile of vitamin D had cardio respiratory fitness levels that were 4.3 times higher than those in the bottom quartile each 10 point increase in vitamin D was associated with a 78 point increase in Vo2 max, the measurement for cardio respiratory fitness.

As, vitamin D, is known as the sunshine vitamin because the human body makes vitamin D in response to sun exposure. People can also get from supplements or from fortified foods. 

The study notes that vitamin D could potentially affect cardio respiratory fitness in several ways. Vitamin D has shown to boost the production of muscle protein and aid in calcium and phosphorus transport on a cellular level. 

It may also affect the body’s Make up of fast twitch muscle fibres. Suggesting that vitamin D may improve aerobic fitness. This isn’t the first study to suggest a link between vitamin D and athletic performance. Previous research has noted that vitamin D deficient ballet dancers jump higher and have fever injuries and pro athletes gas better sprint times when they take supplements.  Vitamin D levels have also been linked to levels of inflammation, pain and weakness.

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