Rahul will be outwitted by Naidu

Rahul will be outwitted by Naidu

The Grand Design of Peoples Front or Grand Alliance is finally unfolded by the President of Telangana TDP Sri L Ramana, that People Front government...

The Grand Design of People's Front or Grand Alliance is finally unfolded by the President of Telangana TDP Sri. L. Ramana, that People Front government administration will be under Naidu and RaGa lens. This is precisely what voters of Telangana are concerned about. Backdoor entry, back seat driving and remote control are harmful to local citizens. Damage is done to local citizens when remote buttons are pressed from a distance to blast improvised explosive device. No harm to remote operator.

The point of concern is that priority is given to Naidu over Rahul Gandhi, primarily Naidu and later Rahul Gandhi. Nick name and pet name ok in private but due respect must be shown in public. If RaGa is ok ChaBa should also be ok. It's a disgrace to 125 years Congress If 13 seats can empower Naidu to supervise 80+ seats Congress. Rahul Gandhi is less than 40 years, Naidu experience is 40 years, Rahul Gandhi would be outsmarted and would not be allowed to touch the lens.

How can Ramana give a statement ‘new government would be under the lens of another state CM’, unexplainable and illogical, what is the status of electorate and voters. Voters have no choice? Voter brothers and sisters of Telangana, please be aware of sinister plans, please be careful and please choose wisely. - G Sivaramakrishna, Hyderabad

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