Suhasini is merely a pawn

Suhasini is merely a pawn

The editorial in todays THI is very appropriate and dispassionate Congratulations Naidu is a caring father and concerned politician Lokesh was made...

The editorial in today's THI is very appropriate and dispassionate. Congratulations. Naidu is a caring father and concerned politician. Lokesh was made MLC and Minister,late Yerrannaidu's son was given MP seat, late Sobha Nagireddy's daughter Akhilapriya was given Minister’s post, Late Nagireddy's son was elected on TDP ticket from Nandyala MP constituency. Same spirit should have been shown now in case of Ms Suhasini, daughter of late Harikrishna. People, particularly late Harikrishna’s family and admirers would have been more than happy and pleased with that kind of a gesture from a responsible senior member of family.

Naidu has the discretion and power to make her directly a Minister like Akhilapriya. Fielding her as a candidate in general election speaks about political acumen of Naidu, not about respect towards Late Harikrishna nor about pity towards children of Late Harikrishna. Ms Suhasini is a simple pawn in the political games. The ploy seems to be: If she wins, it's due to Naidu and if she loses it's due to lack of cooperation from Jr NTR! - G Sivaramakrishna, Hyderabad

When heated exchanges and wild allegations indulged by all the parties against each other in the final lap of poll campaign in Telangana is distressing, it is surprising that the writer only singled out TRS and BJP leaving out TDP-Congress who are also equally responsible for stooping low to score brownie points. It is an accepted fact that Constitution allows a citizen of India to contest from any place of his/her choice or as per the wishes of the party to which he/she belongs to.

However TDP choosing an unknown face from Kukatpally leaving out strong contenders has raised a suspicion that Chandrababu Naidu, an opportunist to the core has selected Suhasini with an ulterior motive cannot be ruled out inasmuch the writer feels that TRS is acting at the behest of BJP. All the same, the tone of the campaign is reduced to directing tirades at one another with none talking about development, all political parties are responsible for the sad state of affairs. In this see-saw battle likely to end in a photo-finish, people are the ultimate judges. - K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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